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Hi to all the fans!!! I'm sorry but this page longer running.I had fun making it , but it's time to move on to bigger and better things.Please if you see anyone using my characters in a story please do tell me!!! cause I know someone out there is stealing my ideas.I know this site is over but still, it took me a long time to create them , so if you would like to use them , do ask me first at, please do visit my new site.

SSMA will no longer be running, so come visit my new siteNebby

All images on this site are copy right of Nebby, as well as the graphics.So please don't take them

Sailor Cosmos & Sailor Moon areCopyright ©of Naoko Takeuchi.Sailor Senshi Moon Angels, their identities, names and all other related material are Copyright ©of Sailor Nebula(a.k.a.Nebby)© 1999-2000