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Welcome to The Slayers Fanfic Library. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Use the links on the left to navigate through this site. This sites main priority is fanfiction, however I have added some more attractions such as pictures, trivia, cast bios and more which can be found in the library section. You can also submit your fanfiction to this library but going to the submission section of this site. You can nominate your site, your fanfiction or someone else's fanfiction for an award. Not only that, but you can also view the winners of the awards in the winners section. Before you leave please remember to sign my guestbook. I would really appreciate it, and I'll most likely pay a visit to your guestbook as well.

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This site relies heavily on JavaScript. I code all of the scripts myself and I am 99% positive that they each work, however I am not afforded the time to check each one. If you encounter any problems with the JavaScript on this site please Email Me immediately. Be sure though that it is not your browser messing up the scripts. Some scripts do not work unless you use Netscape Version 3 or higher, or Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 4 or higher. Thank You!!!