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Thanks for coming by my Homepage. These pages are always in a state of Motion so visit often to see whats new. I have several pages up that provide information on different topics.
This one is about my family. I am a mom of 9 kids--20 yo down to 5 yo, 5 boys and 4 girls- and all were born at home. Some of the kids were born with just my wonderful dh and me. I am a christian and married almost 25 years, so a lot of my sites are christian based BUT I do not hesitate to list a non christian site IF the information on there will educate folks. I am a big Proponent of Education!! Especially in the areas that affect woman so much like parenting, Pregnancy, birth, health and Helping women see their choices and stand for them.
Focusing on HOME is a big priority. A large family has some different needs but essentially its no different then a small one, just in how many plates you set at the table!!!! People ask many questions about our large family. From cooking to feeding them all, to what vehicle we drive to why does anyone have 9 kids, everyone seems to have this notion that I am this supermom-super organized super energized type gal. just aint so. The key for us is the priorities for our family on a daily basis. 1st is our relationship to GOD. As christians we walk on a daily basis as we have been convicted by Him and His Word. Since we do not belong to a denomination but rather simply are members of the body of Christ, our walk is a lot of different then most people's.

Since we homeschool we really limit our kids time with peers that are not a good influence on them. Since kids have no problems misbehaving, we dont need peers encouraging that rather we need family support in behaviors acceptable as believers. The peers they are close to are those who have a walk with the Lord thought no always the same as ours, but a walk nonetheless. Any music that encourages rebellion in any way is not allowed also. Subtle rebellion is very hard to fight and often young children cannot. We firmly believe our children learn socialization from their parents, close family and friends and then practice on the peers and social activites they do participate in. Yes,we do shelter our kids. That is our job. I often see my children as young tender plants all around me. The weeds that start out are very small and often overlooked as unimportant, but suddenly are very huge and very ugly and quite hard to pull out. Pulling those teeny tiny weeds may seem to many as nit picking but I think the more weeds you get when small the less BIG weeds you will have later. Weeds take the energy from our growing plants, crowd them out and shield them from the light they need to grow.

And lastly is my own daily walk with my family. Though I do not always succeed in my endeavors, I keep on running the race. My life Is my family and will always be. This is the season of my life and nothing else is important. Well...cept that I have finally stopped looking for matching socks and just go BUY a new package

My Other Webpages

Natural living

It is a way of life, a lifestyle of living. Its what each of us holds as important in the long run for our families and ourselves. Many aspects of natural living can be hard in the short run but in the long run we know its important. Baking bread from wheat I grind is sometimes a bother, and we run out of bread at the most inopportune times but I know it IS what's best nutritionally for my family. Having a milk cow is not a fun thing on a cold wet morning at 5am either, but its something we are committed to. I remember as a child growing up on a farm, weeding, milking cows before school, swing blading pastures all summer, chasing pigs who were loose, canning hundreds of quarts of vegetables and so many oher farm related things, I promised myself I would NEVER ever NEVER live on a farm and subject my Poor children to such drudgery~~ Well GOD heard me and THUS I am on a farm and Subjecting my poor children to this hard life AND Loving it..and hearing the same thing from them. If nothing else I have learned not to say NEVER!!!!!

Changing our lifestyle can take a long time. Start with one thing at a time. Let your family adjust to the new food or activity, then introduce another one.Diet especialy is hard to change as we are creatures of habit when it comes to cooking and feeding our family.With bulk foods, its harder to just pull something out of the fridge.So meal time is a planned event and even Quick meals must be planned ahead of time. Using herbs and homeopathy take time too. Time for the body to respond. Time for the body to repair and time for the immune system to build up strength.



Home Education

Our family has been Home Schooling since 1983. None of my kids have been in a school. We all have learned so much from this that I cannot imagine NOT having them here all day with me. Often I hear comments like " I would never want to be with my kids all day!!!" from moms when they hear about Homeschooling and it saddens me that such a priceless blessing is seen as a burden. Many people treat their dogs and plants with more commitment and love then their own kids. Raising a child takes a lot of work, a lot of tears and prayer and plenty of LOVE, but love doesnt come in the form of toys, designer clothes and nifty gadgets but in commitment and discipline. Home schooling gives my dh and I many opportunities to teach our values to our kids as well as keep them safe in a secure atmosphere. Also, dont forget to check out my School page!This is a church school that supports off campus learning here in Alabama. There are links with educational info,HSing articles and my newsletters online , so take a look.

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  • Accept donations of Restaurant size cookware!!!
  • are CHAOTIC and NOISY and FUN
  • have no Matching socks...but 58 white non- mates
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  • and yes the parents DO know what causes them...
  • and no -moms are not supermoms or super organized
  • do not have overabundance of patience, just lots of opportunities to cultivate patience

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