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The Malloy-Jones-Shaw home - Eutaw, Alabama

This page is dedicated to celebrating our wonderful old house, the Malloy-Jones-Shaw home, in Eutaw, Alabama. The house was constructed in 1906 for Dr. Martin Luther Malloy and his wife Laura Malloy. The architect was George F. Barber & Co. of Knoxville, Tennessee.

A view from the southwest - 1998

VITAL STATISTICS: 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 3500 square feet, 2 stories, constructed 1906, architect Geo. F. Barber & Co.

A view of the doorway - the reflection in the door is of another Geo. Barber house across the street.

Dr. Malloy was stabbed in an argument outside his office on the town square, and died on December 27, 1922. His widow Laura sold the house to J.C. Jones in 1925. Mr. Jones and his wife Eunice each lived in the house until their deaths. David and Lynda Shaw purchased the house from their daughter in 1996 and have begun a comprehensive restoration.

Elaborate fretwork inside the entry hall.

Architecturally, the house is a free-classic Queen Anne with many elements foreshadowing the Colonial Revival style. It is based upon Rosemont, George Barber's own family home in Knoxville. The inside features elaborate woodwork that has never been altered or painted. The finely detailed fretwork grille is pure Victorian fancy, identical to that inside Barber's Rosemont.