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19/8/00Everton(H) Win!!! 2-0 with Alan Smith scoring both goals.

26/8/00Middlesbrough(A)2-1, Win!!! Lee Bowyer after 6 minutes and Alan Smith after 12 minutes.

5/9/00Manchester City (H)2-1 Defeat!!! Lee Bowyer scoring the only goal.

9/9/00Coventry City(A)0-0 A Draw!! Against Coventry?!

16/9/00Ipswich Town (H)1-2 Defeat!! Lee Bowyer

23/9/00Derby County(A)1-1 Draw

30/9/00Tottenham Hotspur(H)Win!! SPURS 4-3 Mark Viduka and Alan Smith. Did George Graham really hope to win at Elland Road?!

14/10/00Charlton Athletic(H)Win!! 3-1 Alan Smith and Mark Viduka

18/10/00Aston Villa(A)

21/10/00Manchester Utd - Sky Sports(A)Loss!! 0-3. Do you really need to ask?

29/10/00Bradford City - Sky Sports(A) Draw!! 1-1 Mark Viduka

4/11/00Liverpool - Sky Sports(H)Win!! 4-3 Mark Viduka scoring all four

12/11/00Chelsea Sky Sports (A)Draw!! 1-1 Mark Viduka

18/11/00West Ham Utd(H)Loss!! 0-1

26/11/00Arsenal Sky Sports(H)Win!! 1-0 Olivier Dacourt on penalty

2/12/00Leicester City(A)Loss!! 1-3 Mark Viduka

9/12/00Southampton (A)Loss!! 0-1

16/12/00Sunderland(H)Win!! 2-0 Lee Bowyer, Mark Viduka

23/12/00Aston Villa(H) Win!! 2-1 Lee Bowyer, Ian Harte on penalty.

1/1/01Middlesbrough(H)Draw!! 1-1 Robbie Keane on penalty

13/1/01Manchester City (A)Win!! 4-0 Erik Bakke, Lee Bowyer, and Robbie Keane (2 goals)

20/1/01Newcastle United(H)Defeat!! 1-3 Robbie Keane

30/1/01Coventry City (H)Win!! 1-0 Robbie Keane

3/2/01Ipswich Town(A)Ipswich Town 2-1 Win!! Robbie Keane and own goal by Ipswich Town's Mark Venus secured a win.

10/2/01Derby County(H) 0-0 Draw.

24/2/01Tottenham Hotspur(A)2-1 Win!! Ha, ha, ha!!! Ian Harte on penalty, and Lee Bowyer

3/3/01Manchester United (H) 1-1 Draw. Mark Viduka for proving the Man U are not invicible!!

17/3/01Charlton Athletic(A)2-1 Win!! Mark Viduka and Alan Smith


7/04/01Southampton(H)Win!! 2-0. Harry Kewell and Mark Viduka

14/4/01Liverpool(A)Win!! 2-1 Rio Fernidand and Lee Bowyer

21/4/01West Ham Utd(A)Win!! 2-0 Rio Fernidand and Robbie Keane

30/4/01Chelsea(H)Win!! 2-0 Robbie Keane 86 and Mark Viduka 88


19/5/01Leicester City (H)

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