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About Me

My name is Angela, and I am 29, I have supported Leeds United the last five years, and I think that they will do really well over the next couple of years, I absolutely hate Man United because I think that they're vastly overated as a football team. I work as a production line operator for a company which is a part of the Specsavers Optician's Group, and my favourite singers are Britney Spears and the Spice Girls, and any sort of music in general. I live in Hampshire, not far from 'The Dell', so my 'home team' is Southampton. My favourite Leeds players are Nigel Martyn and Harry Kewell. I like listening to music, and going to the gym. I also run a society for the tv series Little House On The Prairie, and my other favourite tv show is Knots Landing, and Casualty. You can e-mail me on the homepage. I hope that you continue to enjoy my website, and your support is most appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by!

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