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The Grimes Family is a pioneer family of Coffee County, Alabama being that we were here prior to 1890.

Stephen GRIMES was born ca1790 in DuplinCO,NC the son of James GRIMES and Sarah WINDERS. He married Bethany HINES who was born ca1802 the daughter of Joel HINES and Patience GULLEY of LenoirCO, NC. Stephen and Bethany, both died in DaleCo, AL; he before 1860 and she ca1860.

Stephen and Bethany were in DaleCO, AL as early as 1835, and possibly earlier. They sold some land in Klondike, AL in 1835; then must have gone to StewartCO, GA where his brothers were, at the time. In 1838, they were selling that land and getting ready to go back to DaleCO along with his brothers that were still living.

His brother, John GRIMES, had died in 1837 in StewartCO, GA. John had been married to Catherine FREDERICK. Catherine went to CoffeeCO, AL with her children. There are still many of their descendants living there.

His brother, William GRIMES, had died, also, in 1837 in StewartCO, GA. I do not have info on his line and do not know what happened to his wife, Mary, and at least 10 children.

His brother, Thomas GRIMES, was listed in the 1840 DaleCO Census and the 1850 CoffeeCO Census. Thomas first married Lettice KORNEGAY and second married Jane FREDERICK.

His brothers, Isaac GRIMES, who married Sarah WILKINSON, and Bryan GRIMES were listed in 1840 DaleCO Census.

His brother, Lewis GRIMES, who was born ca1778 in DuplinCO, NC, stayed in StewartCO, GA and died there in 1857. He married Hetty GLISSON on February 24, 1812.

Thomas, Isaac, and Catherine GRIMES went to Texas ca 1853/54. Bryan GRIMES went to MarengoCO, AL. Stephen GRIMES stayed in Coffee/DaleCO, AL and raised his family.

The children of Stephen and Bethany were Henry, Elizabeth, Edy, Luiza, Anna, Winney, Joseph, Daniel, Sarah, Smithy, Charlotte and, maybe, Matilda.

Henry Benjamin GRIMES was born June 10, 1820 in Goldsboro, WayneCO, NC and died March 25, 1859 in Hawridge, CoffeeCO, AL. He married Harriett Calloway HILDRETH who was born June 17, 1825 in Charleston, SC to Rev. Benjamin J. HILDRETH and Jemima DOWLING and died February 21, 1883 in Brandon, HillCO, TX. They had children to include Haywood Pinkney, Francis Catherine, Benjamin William, John Thomas, Amon Travis, Georgiann, James Buchannan and Henry Edwin.

Some say that there was a daughter, Matilda GRIMES, who was married to a SUMMERLIN. There were Summerlins in DaleCO, but the date of her being born in 1817 is what throws me off on that line. However, the people who sent that info to me about her has been doing this a lot longer than I have, so it is most likely she was a daughter of Stephen and Bethany.

Elizabeth GRIMES was born ca1822 in NC.

Edy Rebecca GRIMES was born ca1824 in NC.

Luiza GRIMES was born ca 1826 in NC.

Anna Caroline GRIMES was born ca 1832 in NC and died March 1, 1910 in DaleCO, AL. Anna never married.

Winney GRIMES was born ca 1834.

Joseph W. GRIMES was born ca 1839 and died in 1861 in VA during the Civil War.

Daniel C.J. GRIMES was born ca1840 and died 1861 in VA during Civil War.

Sarah Emeline GRIMES was born ca 1842 and died August 18, 1894 in DaleCO. Sarah never married.

Smithy GRIMES was born ca 1844.

Charlotte GRIMES was born ca1836 in GA and died in 1903 in DaleCO, AL. Charlotte had a son, William Augustus GRIMES, who was born August 5, 1859; died April 18, 1918 and is buried in Beulah Cemetery, Ft Rucker, AL.

This mentioned land at Beulah Cemetery is land that once belonged to the Grimes family a long time ago. Beulah Cemetery still stands with fence enclosure on Fort Rucker at east gate. The old homestead once stood close to where the gates of Fort Rucker now stand. When Fort Rucker took over the land, the old home of Stephen and Bethany was torn down. The home of William and his wife, Adella MULLINS, daughter of Louis MULLINS and Catherine GIPSON, is still standing but has been sold and moved.

William and Adella had 11 children. Their children include: Joseph Welch, Ben T., W. Bailey, Kate L., Dewitt T., Coy Augustus, Eltrym, Ethel, Gussie and Lunford.

Joseph Welch GRIMES 1882-1932 who married Lena BYRD.

Ben T. GRIMES 1884-1960 who first married Mary MOORE and second married Ida L. PATTERSON.

W. Bailey GRIMES 1887- 1923 who married Lilly BRUCE.

Kate L. GRIMES 1889 -1911 who married J. Sam JUDAH.

Dewitt T. GRIMES 1891- 1962 (Christine GRIMES' Link) who married Jewel STEPHENS , daughter of William Isaac STEPHENS and Martha Rebecca PITTMAN.

Coy Augustus GRIMES 1892-1955 who married first Era Mae LOYD and second Kaytreen.

Eltrym GRIMES 1894-1983 who married Irving ANDREWS.

Ethel GRIMES 1897-1903.

Gussie GRIMES 1899-1991 who married Joe M. SHAW.

Lunford GRIMES died December 12, 1997; he was married to Edna HAWKINS.

Henry Benjamin GRIMES and Harriett Calloway HILDRETH had the following children:

Haywood Pinkney GRIMES was born September 30, 1841 and died March 7, 1918 in Waco, McLennanCO, TX. Haywood married Nancy SANDERS ca1867. (I do not have any info on her, but would like to get some. I found a Nancy, age 12, in the household of Wade Sanders in 1850, but not sure if this is the right Nancy.)

Haywood and Nancy had their first child in 1868 in Hawridge, CoffeeCO, AL. This family is not found on the 1870 census. Therefore, Nancy must have died sometime after 1872, but before 1878.

Haywood P. GRIMES married second Elizabeth Holman EGGLESTON ca 1878 in Texas.

Francis Catherine GRIMES was born March 15, 1844 in Hawridge, CoffeeCO, AL and died young.

Benjamin William GRIMES was born March 20, 1846 Hawridge, CoffeeCo, AL and died January 12, 1929 in Brandon, TX. He married three times in Texas. There is a lot that could be written on this man. I may do so later, but I will wait to see if some one from his line will write it and send it in.

John Thomas GRIMES was born November 30, 1848 in Hawridge, CoffeeCO, AL and died 1910 in Grandfall, TX. He married America Ann Selina WATERS (Watters, Walters), who was born June 28, 1855 in GA and died March 19, 1888 in Brandon, TX.

Amon Travis GRIMES was born ca1851 and died young.

Georgiann GRIMES was born September 27, 1853 in AL and died April 3, 1905 in Grandfalls, TX. She married William LaFayette McCAULEY.

James Buchanan GRIMES was born August 27, 1856 and died young.

Henry Edwin GRIMES was born June 6, 1859 in Hawridge, CoffeeCO, AL. He was born a few months after his father had died and his older brothers help take care of him. He married Altie Myra NELSON, who was born March 4, 1862 in Jacksonville, TX and died May 6, 1948 in Avoca, TX. Altie was the daughter of Martin VanBuren NELSON and Amanda Jane SHEPPARD. (It is believed that this family is from Alabama.)

Christine GRIMES Thacker


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