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Cyberkat's Fan Fiction Asylum: Magnum P.I.

Hawaiian Sunset
A Magnum P.I. vignette
by Sandy Adams
copyright 1995-1999
This is a fan endeavor; no copyright infringement is intended.

And now for something completely different.

Disclaimer: I don't own Magnum PI...ooh (sorry, just imagining the possibilities...*evilgrin*)...Ah, you know the rest. On to the fic!!

Hawaiian Sunset
By Sandy Adams

Magnum sipped from his wine glass and wished for a beer. It was a deep, ruby vintage, and no doubt excellent (Robin Masters could afford the best), but somehow he just couldn't savor the taste. Given time...well, perhaps his untutored tastebuds would learn to love it.

With a sigh, he drained the glass. The glass itself was something of a consolation: exquisitely delicate Lalique crystal. Higgins would have a fit.

The thought was enough to spark his boyish grin as he levered himself up out of the deep cushions of his sofa, and wandered into the kitchenette. For once, he remembered to rinse out his glass -- though he did leave it in the sink.

Pausing only to scoop up his car keys and mirrored shades from the bar, he sprang up the steps and out into the lushly-scented tropical twilight. A soft breeze ruffled his thick brown hair; he inhaled deeply, just for the sheer joy of filling his lungs with the salt-tinged air.

Tucking his shades into the breast pocket of his florid tropical-print shirt (purple and blue macaws on a hot pink background -- Higgins hated it, so naturally it was one of Magnum's favorites), he loped across the immaculately manicured lawn to the main house. His sneakered feet made no sound as he ran, even when he stepped onto the marble chip drive.

Fifty feet from the Ferrari, he hesitated. The friendly breeze carried with it the unmistakable scent of doberman. Almost at once, he heard the patter of saucer-sized paws on the driveway, and two massive dark shapes bolted out of the shadows.

Zeus and Apollo, the zealous guardians of the Masters estate, were twin missiles aimed at his throat. They intended to keep him from his goal -- the Ferrari. Of course, Higgins would pop up at the last second, just in time to prevent them from actually attacking...At least, that was how the game was usually played.

Not tonight.

Magnum stood his ground as the dogs barreled toward him, their sleek black hides rippling with every ground-eating stride. He could hear their hearts hammering in their barrel chests.

Zeus growled, razor-sharp teeth bared as he gathered himself -- and leaped straight for Magnum's throat.

The startled dog yelped when Magnum caught him easily and, careful not to injure the animal, tossed him into a nearby bougainvilla. Apollo dug in his paws, sliding to a shocked stop in a spray of gravel, his mad little doggy mind in overload. That wasn't supposed to happen...

From the flower border, his partner voiced an embarrassed whine.

Apollo looked from his fallen comrade to the smirking human. He tried out a menacing growl...but his heart wasn't in it. Apollo's stump of a tail twitched, as if trying to tuck itself firmly between his legs. He whined uncertainly and took a single, tentative step forward.

Magnum bent down so that his face was level with the dog's. He bared his teeth. And growled.

With a yelp, Apollo turned and bolted back into the house, leaving his still bush-bound partner to whatever fate awaited him. From inside the house, Higgins shouted something, obviously startled by the guard dog's uncharacteristic cowardice -- and probably heading for the driveway at top speed. Not that he'd get there in time...

Magnum straightened, grinning. Yep. There were some definite advantages to this vampire business.

Whistling cheerfully, he settled his sunglasses on the top of his head, and sauntered over to the car. For once, Higgins hadn't set the damned alarm -- not that it had ever done much more than slow Magnum down. He'd certainly never let it actually stop him from "borrowing" the Ferrari.

The powerful engine roared to life and Magnum, grinning gleefully at the angrily gesticulating Higgins in the rear view mirror, drove into the last lingering splendor of another glorious Hawaiian sunset.

---------------- The End

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