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EmberWynd Dragon

Part Golden Dragon*other half is Goddess*Wears a dark purple dress.Moon pendent given to me by my big Sis Ebony,A necklace with a tear drop stone called Kotuc wish stone.The stone posses a knowledge of magic that is incoherent to most people. but if you wish or think of something while wereing it it comes true. but it is to be said the choosen one can conjure the knowledge out of the stone into their mind beautiful young blonde girl with ember green eyes that shine brightly. Has soft silky skin., I live in Rhy'Din with my mother Alara Night Dragon, farther Gen Kard Dragon and big sister Ebony Stormshadow Dragon. My home land is Dragon's Valley, or at least that is what my dad tells me. I've never been there yet. Maby one day I'll get my chance to see where my mother and farther came from. Untill then I am happy in Rhy'Din with all my friends and family.


I was raised up by Alara and Gen two loving parents...trying to rebuild a dream for their family. Most of the time when one parent was not in the realm the other had her they would nurse her needs everyday protected her with their lives I was giving whatever I needed, long effect, a family of to many to count ... in the KoDV. I was supposed to have a brother from her father Gen and Mother Alara but they never had the chance to give me that present of not being the only child. When they would have food fights and when I would around my farther would protect her from the flying food, and place food in my tiny hands and smack someone with it. I was told that I have been to dragons valley when, but I was still a baby. My farther use to keep her on journeys around the rhydin and the other realms. My mother thought it would be nice if My farther and I went adventuring together on his journeys so she was with him for a good on his journey's then he returned to the realms of rhydin and let my mother Finnish taking care of me because his journey's was getting dangerous to have me with him. I have seen my Uncle Ledrac and Auntie Misty's kids come into the world My farther was to teach her how to use kung fu My mother helped give birth to my Auntie Misty's kids and I was there for their arrival into the realms.

Guilds, Weapons and Magic

žotN/KotR/FoH 4d78 40,315exp 1,625gp*CotR/KotR*Priestess Reg #PK033S 4d78-41,705exp-6,910gp*KotM* 5d23 Exp50 Gold 400 , OCS,Lieutenant Legion of the Silver Chalice, DoR CPL 4d34 Weapons: Jupiter's Bow and a bow that my Uncle Zen gave me, that grows with me,Carries a sward, from her uncle Shojin,and a small dragon's dagger. Magic: Knowledge of all spells in the universe.