A Meeting of the Mindless

The bus pulled into the Lawndale High parking lot and stopped, killing the lights as family and friends got out of their cars. Though it is three AM and cold, there is a festive feel to the air. The bus dooors open, and Jamie sticks his head out.]

Jamie: Woohooo! We're number one!

Annonymous Football Player(AFP) #1: Woooooo! Kicked their buts!

Britany: Yay, Kevie!

Mack: Jodie! Hey, Jodie! 58 to zip!

Jodie [Running up to hug Mack]: Yes! I heard it on the news!

Mack: Puts us over the top, there's no way they can deny us the number one spot in the poles now!

AFP #2: When Kevin slammed it in for that sixty yard touchdown run, they _knew_ they were history!

Brittany: Kevie?

Joey: It was pure heaven! Hey, Quinn, I made a touchdown for you!

Quinn: Oh thanks, Joey.

Jamie: I blocked a tackle for you too!

Brittany: Kevie?!?

Jodie: Brittany?

Jeffie: And _I_...

Brittany [Wailing]: Kevie! Where are you! [A silence falls]

Mack: Uh, we must have left him back in Highland?

Couch: Not again!

[Highland. A back yard. Three boys stand there in the glow of something burning.]

Butthead: Uh-huh... uh-huh-huh... that was cool...

Beavis: M'nyeah... fire... cool... m'neh...

Kevin: Yeah, man... cool... heh-heh... cool...

Tom Anderson [On back porch]: What's going on out th... WHAT IN BLUE TARNATION ARE YOU A-DOIN' TO MY TOOLSHED!

Please note, this ficlet was based on the postulation that Lawndale and Highland are in the same state, and does not represent the author's usual viewpoint.

This is from an Iron Chef Challenge on the PPMB, the exact challenge I've forgotten and would appreciate if someone would remind me of the wording and the challengee.

Daria and other characters from the show are of course, property of MTV and Viacom. Any original characters and settings are my own. This is a work of fanfic, and is therefore a work of love and not meant for profit. And all hail Glenn Eichler and Suzy Lewis!