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Coffee County, Alabama

  • 1. Griffin CRUMPLER
    b: 1815 or 1820 North Carolina
    d: Between 1870 and 1880
    bd: Ebenezer Cemetery, Dale County, Alabama (unmarked grave)
    m: Sara Emily HARRIS (parents from North Carolina); b: 07/04/1826 Alabama; d: 02/11/1894 Haw Ridge, Dale/Coffee County, Alabama; bd: Ebenezer Cemetery, Dale County, Alabama

    • 2i. Lewis Webster CRUMPLER
      b: 02/01/1844 in Haw Ridge, Dale/Coffee County, Alabama
      d: 08/06/1912 in Dale County
      occ: Farmer & Postmaster
      mil: Listed as disabled after losing leg in Civil War - 33rd Alabama Infantry Regiment Company K, Confederate States of America
      m: Martha AYCOCK

      • 3i. Amanda CRUMPLER
        b: 12/01/1871
        m: William E. SILVANT

        • 4i. Fannie Lorena SILVANT

        • 4ii. Willie Edwin SILVANT

      • 3ii. James G. CRUMPLER
        b: 01/1874
        m: Erie L. WILSON

      • 3iii. Emma CRUMPLER
        b: 1875
        m: W. R. HUDSON

    • 2ii. William CRUMPLER
      b: 07/1850 Georgia (no further information)

    • 2iii. James M. CRUMPLER
      b: 04/12/1852 Haw Ridge, Dale/Coffee County, Alabama
      d: 05/28/1927 Level Plains, Dale County, Alabama
      m: Pollie MARTIN

      • 3i. Fannie CRUMPLER
        b: 1878

      • 3ii. Dumond CRUMPLER
        b: 1879

      • 3iii. Annie Bell CRUMPLER
        b: 1880

      • 3iv. Willie A. CRUMPLER (daughter)
        b: 1882

      • 3v. Love N. CRUMPLER (daughter)
        b: 1884

      • 3vi. Cris CRUMPLER (son)
        b: 1886

      • 3vii. Lela CRUMPLER
        b: 1889

      • 3viii. Silas CRUMPLER
        b: 1891

    • 2iv. Robert M. CRUMPLER
      b: 1853 Haw Ridge, Dale/Coffee County, Alabama (no further information)
    • 2v. Marlin ("Mailin" on some Census records) CRUMPLER
      b: 08/1855
      d: 08/26/1914
      m: America _____ (who married Mandy Lunsford in 1914)

      • 3i. Robert M. CRUMPLER
        NOTE: Now here we have a puzzle. According to the Census figures, Marlin's son, Robert M., would have been born in 1882. However, the Robert M. who married Ouida JACKS was born 19 July 1880 in Haw Ridge according to grave marker, d. 10 October 1940, bur. Ebenezer Cemetery, Dale County. Are these two Roberts the same man? It is possible that this Robert M. Crumpler may be the son of one of Marlin's brothers.
        m: Ouida JACKS

      • 4i. Lucile CRUMPLER

      • 4ii. Cecil CRUMPLER
        m: Elsie STEPHENS

      • 4iii. R. C. CRUMPLER
        m: Belle KEMP

      • 4iv. Hershal CRUMPLER

      • 4v. Nomelia CRUMPLER
        m: Fletcher BROWNER

      • 4vi. Olin CRUMPLER

      • 4vii. James Edwin CRUMPLER

    • 3ii. Ida A. CRUMPLER
      b: 1884

    • 3iii. James O. CRUMPLER
      b: 1887

    • 3iv. Callie D. CRUMPLER
      b: 1889

    • 3v. Shellie D. CRUMPLER
      b: 1891

    • 3vi. John P. CRUMPLER
      b: 1893

    • 3vii. Erica CRUMPLER
      b: 1895

    • 3viii. Bert O. CRUMPLER
      b: 1898
      m: Mandie JACKSON

    • 3ix. Lillie Mae CRUMPLER
      b: 1899
      m: William J. FARRIS

  • 2vi. Amanda E. CRUMPLER
    b: 1858
    d: probably died in childhood

  • 2vii. Camilla CRUMPLER
    b: 1861 Ebenezer Community
    d: 1911 Enterprise, Coffee County, Alabama
    m: Leroy HEATH

    • 3i. Albert L. HEATH
      b: 1884

    • 3ii. Eula Dae HEATH
      b: 1886
      m: Roscoe Conklin FLEMING

      • 4i> Herman Heath FLEMING
        b: 1917
        m: Virginia Hugh SMITH

        • 5i. Georgia Virginia FLEMING
          b: 1952
          m: Brian Joseph FLEMING

          • 6i. Victoria Alexandra FLEMING
            b: 1978

          • 6ii. Roxanne Caitrin FLEMING
            b: 1982

          • 6iii. Joseph Herman FLEMING
            b: 1988

          • 6iv. Virginia Edith FLEMING
            b: 1988

        • 5ii. Lell FLEMING
          m: Bill GILOOLY

          • 6i. Linda GILOOLY

        • 5iii. Lorraine FLEMING
          m: Robert WOOD

          • 6i. Camilla WOOD

    • 3iii. Robert Jesse HEATH
      b: 1891

    • 3iv. Minnie L. HEATH

    • 3v. Clem Holton HEATH
      b: 1896

    • 3vi. Una M. HEATH
  • 2viii. Mattie (or Hattie) F. CRUMPLER
    b: 1864 (no further information)

  • 2ix. Mary Frances (Mollie) CRUMPLER
    b: 03/15/1868
    d: 11/23/1927
    m: Franklin J. PASCHAL

    • 3i. Willie Mae PASCHAL
      b: 1886
      m: J. C. SMITH

    • 3ii. Ewell G. PASCHAL
      b: 1888

    • 3iii. James B. PASCHAL
      b: 1892

    • 3iv. Marvin F. PASCHAL
      b: 1896

    • 3v. Howell Shoffner PASHAL
      b: 1919
      m: Ora Mae FRIGGIN

    • 3vi. Horace PASCHAL

    • 3vii. Franklin J. PASCHAL, Jr.

  • 2x. Duncan CRUMPLER (no further information)

  • 2xi. Josephine CRUMPLER
    b: 10/10/1885
    m: Jefferson Davis CRUMPLER (cousin)


    Griffin Crumpler was born in North Carolina in 1815 or 1820.

    In 1850 he was in Georgia: 1850 Census, District 81, Thomas County, Georgia
    Griffin Crumpler, 30, b: Alabama (later census records state North Carolina)
    Emily, 20, b: Alabama
    Lewis, 5, b: Alabama
    Wiliam, 1/12, b: Georgia

    Griffin Crumpler purchased land in Alabama in 1850 and 1851

    1850 Coffee County, Alabama Slave Schedule:
    Griffon Crumpler:
    1 slave age 20, female
    1 slave age 4, female

    1855 Alabama State Census, Coffee County:
    Griffin Crumpler:
    3 white males under 21
    1 white male over 21
    1 white female over 21

    1860 Census, Haw Ridge, Dale/Coffee County, Alabama:
    Griffin Crumpler, 45, b: North Carolina, $2500 real estate, $2500 personal estate
    Emily, 35, b: Alabama
    Lewis, 15
    William, 10
    James, 8
    Robert, 7
    Mailin (Marlin) D., 5
    Amanda E., 2
    Infant 1/12 (this was either Hattie or Camilla)

    1870 Census, Elba P.O. Township 5, Coffee County, Alabama:
    Griffin Crumpler, 54, $1500 RE, $1000 PE, illiterate, born South Carolina (should be North Carolina)
    Emily, 45, illiterate
    William, 20
    James, 18
    Robert, 13
    Marlin (here also listed as 13 -- an error)
    Carmella (Camilla), 8
    Hattie, 7
    Dunklin (Duncan), 4
    Josephine, 3
    May (Mary), 1

    Griffin died sometime between 1870 and 1880

    1880 Census, Coffee County, Alabama:
    Emily, 55
    Robert, 26 (should be 23)
    Carmilla (Camilla), 18
    Duncan, 14
    Josephine, 12
    Mary, 11
    and two servants living in the household:
    Frank Belcher, 28, black male,
    Melisa, 25, black female


    Transcript of a letter of James L. Brown:

    The State of Alabama, Coffee County, of the Confederate States of America
    To His Excellency Jefferson Davis, President
    The petition of James L. Brown, a citizen of said county, Respectfully showeth unto your Excellency that he is a conscript between the ages of 18 and 45 years, that he has a wife and five children, all girls, the oldest about twelve years old, all dependent upon him for support. That he has twelve negroes, and out of that number only four hands, that there is no person to attend to his business but hismelf, and that he has tried to get some person to do so, but has failed entirely. He further states that he is in the habit of making a surplus of provisions every year and that he will use all due diligence to do so in future, and that he pledges himself, and is willing to bind himself to dispose of the same to the Government or to the families of soldiers at the prices fixed by the Commissioners of the State under the Impressment Act. He further states that he has charge of the family and farm of GRIFFIN CRUMPLER, who is in the military service of the Confederate States, that said Crumpler also has a Son in said service, that he also has a wife and seven children, the oldest of said children about 12 or 13 years of age, and also five negroes, two of them hands, all in the care of petitioner, and no other male person to take care of them. He further represents unto your Excellency that if he has to leave his home and go into the active service of his country, his own family together with Mr. Crumpler's will be bound to suffer, as there are but very few men left in the County, and none to the care of those families, besides the soldiers' families generally who live near him would be deprived of the surplus which he is in the habit of making, and which he expects to make in future. He further represents that he does not make this appeal to evade the service of his Country but believes that Equity, Justice and Necessity require that he should be detailed and exempted under a recent act of Congress, entitled "An Act to Exempt Certain Persons Therein Named, Wherein Necessity Requires and Equity & Justice Demand It." He further represents that he is now and has always been since the present struggle for Independence, loyal to the Confederate Government, the laws and Constitution thereof, and as a loyal citizen he will ever pray to be.
    James L. Brown, 4 day of May AD 1864

    NOTE: I don't know if Mr. Brown got his exemption or not, but here is what I have of Griffin's service record:
    Griffin Crumpler
    Company D
    53 Regiment Alabama (Partisan Rangers)
    Enlisted August 1862, Barnes Cross Roads, Dale County, Alabama By Captain W. McCall
    Muster Rolls extend through 1864

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    Information Collated by Georgia Fleming
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    September 23rd, 1999
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