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Judge James Oscar English

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The following is an excerpt from a highly recommended book titled "Coffee Grounds-A History of Coffee County, Alabama 1841-1970" by Fred S. Watson:

Judge James Oscar English is the eleventh and present Probate Judge of Coffee County. (NOTE: This book was published in 1970.) He was born June 16, 1884, in Coffee County, Alabama, the son of John Jefferson and Jennie Young English. His mother and father were born in the Damascus Community, located six miles southeast of Elba, where both lived all their lives.

John Jefferso English was born just before the Civil War, March 9, 1859, just three miles from the site of the first courthouse of Coffee County, Wellborn. Jennie Young English was born September 1, 1860.

Oscar was the second of five children. He attended school at Damascus and finished high school in Elba. What time he was not in school he was busy helping his father earn a living on the farm.

Judge English was married June 7, 1911 to Clyde Kimmey of Elba, and they lived together until her death, March 4, 1966. They had two children: James Harold and June Kimmey. James HArold is deceased. The daughter is married to Herman Dahkle and lives in Dothan, Alabama.

After finishing school, Oscar taught school in Coffee County for three terms. In 1905, he began work with the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. Then in 1911, he organized a merchantile business in Elba, and served as secretary-treasurer of that organization for several years.

Judge English learned more about the operation of county and city government by serving on the County Board of Education for 18 years, and as Mayor of Elba one term in the early 1930's. He also worked as a cotton buyer for Anderson Clayton & Company in Coffee County from 1931 to 1946.

Judge Oscar English was elected Probate Judge of Coffee County in November 1946, and is now serving his fourth term, the longest any Probate Judge has ever served in Coffee County.

Judge English has shown his love for Coffee County through his devotion and hard work to make the county a better place for all those who live there. Suring his administration, Judge English, along with the Commissioners have paid the county out of debt, and at the same time over five-hundred miles of roads have been blacktopped and numerous concrete bridges built in the county.

Judge English has been instrumental in bringing new industry into the county. Under his leadership a new Health Center in Enterprise, and another in Elba have been built, also the Pensions and Security offices in Elba. The county has contributed to the Nursing Homes in Enterprise and Elba.

During his administration new laws concerning the racial problem have been enacted, but he has handled the situation in such a way that no racial trouble whatsoever has existed anywhere within the county.

Judge English was the 1968 winner of Coffee County's Leadership Award. Judge English was cited for his support and leadership in agriculture, home economics and 4-H Club work in Coffee County over the past 60 years. The county leadership awards honor individuals whose acclomplishments exemplify community leadership and public service.

Judge J. O. English is a member of the Elba Church of Christ and has been since early boyhood. At the age of 86, he is one of the oldest living members of that church. In addition he is a Mason and a member of both the Enterprise and Elba Chamber of Commerce.

NOTE: The creator of this page is honored to have the above information which was compiled by Mr. Fred S. Watson as a part of this ALGenWeb site. If you would like to read more important facts concerning earlier Coffee County and its citizens, I DO highly recommend the reading of "Coffee Grounds-A History of Coffee County, Alabama 1841 - 1970" by Fred S. Watson.

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