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Sumter County's Covered Bridge

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Designed by Captain William Alexander Campbell Jones, Sumter County's covered bridge was built in 1861 across the Sucarnochee River in Livingston. It survived the Civil War, and in 1924, after the construction of a new concrete bridge just south of the covered bridge, it was moved to the Alamucha Creek five miles south of its original location.

The bridge has hence been referred to as the Alamucha Covered Bridge. In 1958, there was again a new concrete bridge built to take its place. During the construction of the new bridge, a logging truck crashed through the bottom of the covered bridge, and it was permanently closed.
The Sumter County Historical Society had the bridge restored and moved to the campus of what is now the University of West Alabama, in 1969, where it remains across the duck pond for foot traffic only.
The Alamucha Covered Bridge was built of hand-hewn timbers of yellow pine and wooden pegs. It spans 88 feet with an overhead clearance of 14 feet, and is about 17 feet wide inside.
The bridge has served as a drill floor for the local militia and as a place where revival meetings were sometimes held.
The campus of UWA and the Old Covered Bridge may be visited any day, located just off US Highway 11/AL Highway 28 in Livingston. There is a historical marker at the site also.