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AWA 1999 Photos

Some photos have been cropped or corrected for poor lighting and/or red-eye.
E-mail me if you would like prints.

Thursday Night
Dave and Shaindle at TGI Friday's
Dave and Dan at TGI Friday's
Carl Horn and Ed at the Thursday night room party.
Carl with the coolest party prop in the world!

Tavisha Wolfgarth in her cool Jiji dress!
Bruce Lewis at the Opening Ceremonies
Lloyd at the Opening Ceremonies
Magic Card cocktail, anyone?
It's Martini Time!
Dancing with Brett as the singer sings "Fly Me to the Moon" *NEW* *large*
Dancing some more.. don't drop me! ^_^ *NEW* *large*
Me and Brett Weaver. Don't we look snazzy!
The "God Bless America" Party
Practicing for the Friday night bash.
Me and Mike Toole.
Bane and Ed.
Bane and Lotus.
Brett Weaver and Tiffany Grant (in costume as Chocolat.)
Jessica Calvello - they're video game warning labels ^_^;;
Me with Brad DeMoss and Lee Thompson.
Me with the guys from Psychommu Gaijin.
Phat Gangsta Dave Merrill
Um... I think it's Dave, anyway...

A Nifty Van - with retractable wings! - at the dance.
Me dancing with Brett. *NEW*
Me dancing with Ed Hill, 30 seconds before falling flat on my ass. *NEW*
Me dancing with Ed Hill, 30 seconds after falling flat on my ass. *NEW*
Mr. Box Head Man, you are so cool.
The Voice Actors' Panel *NEW* *large*
Brett and Steve Bennett destroy Tokyo in "Whose Line is it Anime?" *NEW* *large*
Bruce in Con Ops
Bruce giving us presents in Con Ops.
Me and Steve Bennett
Rose of Versailles cosplayers
More Rose of Versailles
Even More Rose of Versailles

Sunday Night
Bruce being goofy at the Fujita.
The kosher way to serve sushi.
What the hell is Ed doing? *NEW*
Everybody outside the Fujita. *NEW*
Everybody outside the Fujita, again.
Amy Howard and Dave III
A neat angle on things...
This picture made me laugh.

Pictures from The Big Chicken are forthcoming!