Mommy's Little Angels
Mommy's Little Angels

Thank you for coming to visit my small place on the web.
I have tried to make a place to share my children, especially
my Katie and her story with my friends. I have also added
pages for my other children as well. I am NOT claiming to
be a professional web designer by any means. I am only
claiming to be a mother who loves her children and want to
help anyone else that I can. I don't know any psychology
and certainly don't claim to, I just want to share story
and hopefully let others know that there is a light at the
end of that long, dark, lonely tunnel.

June 26,1999

I would like to share a story with you.
It's not an easy story for me to write so please bear
with me, my grammar and spelling are not perfect at all.

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Katie's Site

Meet Katie's New Little Sister!!!
Laci Maclane Dye April 22,2005

*UPDATE 7-25-09 OK Laci is now 4 yrs old and a beautiful little
girl. She talks ALL the time, loves to ride 4 wheelers and
loves her big brother Matt!

Meet Katie's New Little Brother!!!
Matthew Daniel Dye 07-09-2003

**UPDATE** 7-25-09 Matthew is now 6 and about to start his
2nd yr in School. He is very excited about beginning 1st
grade. He is a very VERY smart little man!!!He amazes me
every single day.

if you'd like to see updated pics of all my little monkies
simply go to

In Loving Memory of my best friend.
Jerri Lynn Anderson Harrington

June 22, 1955 ~ February 26, 2005
Rest in Peace my dear friend.
I met Jerri when I was 17, she was 34
I was friends w/her stepson and stepdaughter
people told her & me that our "friendship"
wouldn't last. HA!! We sure fooled them huh?
Jerri passed away on February 26, 2005, a mere
two months before my baby girl, Laci, was born
She was and still is the best friend I've ever had
She was beside me during marriage, divorce, the birth
of my children, and she cried right along with me
when my precious Katie was stillborn.
So to all those who said that I was just using
Jerri because I was too young to be friends with
a real adult, I say HA!! I loved my friend Jerri
and I miss her more than anyone could ever imagine
She was my friend, my sister, my "mom figure" when
she thought i needed moming. She and I had our
differences about things yes, and we would tell
each other so. But one thing was and is still true