Updated= January 06, 2001

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Bunny Wars ~Updated January 2001

Hello to all!! Glad you've made it to my page.

My name is Alex Destine, although some people might know me as the,.... *ahem* lovely Goddess & some others as Minako-chan!

Would you like to see

the Puck's Scrapbook

.....You can check the link. ^_^

Here are some really nice fanfics. The first is very cute, specialy if you like Gargoyles & Titanic.

Come to enjoy

Titanic: Gargoyle Style

by Lisette.

The other Great story is the Gargoyle version of The Lion King.
Click for:

No Pride: Gargoyles perform The Lion King

by: A. Gunner

Also, the Puck would like to thank a few people who have also showed a great interest in Gargoyles and specially in him and his fellow fey.

*the Puck sticks his head out a little portal*

Therefor, the creation of this page which will magicaly, (thanks to my divine power) take you to distant worlds!

*he stares at his mortal audience who apperantly do not understand him*

*sighs* In other words,

the links page.

If you wish to know more about the Puck's history please visit

the PUCK's History Page.

This will tell you all you ever wanted to know about our trickster.

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