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Welcome to my page "Under the light of a Sleepy Moon", I hope you like it.
All my other pages represent some fascination I've held at one point of my life... or might still be holding.

However, simply because all the links in this page represent a fascination that doesn't mean all my fascinations have a link on this page.
Far too many good topics in my life to expand on them all... but I do try.

If you're ever curious as to who is this wonderful demented young girl, you can look into that in the FAQ page, the question is: "Are you SURE you wish to know?".

Also, one of my fascinations: L'Arc~en~Ciel. I don't understand a word they say!... but I'm working on that with my japanese classes. ^_^

By the way... do you want to drop me a line?... (just a line though, not a square, or rectangle or anything weird... that just scares me.)
Then please do... I love getting lines. =^_^=