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" RAIN "

What a Great thing is RAIN!
Comes too wash away pain.
Pain of thirst for all of God's creation.
Makes things grow on this planet and thrive!
Moves the soil too where Nature wants it.
Rusts away old things that are cluttering up this land.
Rain is Tear's of God's joy and pain.
It comes in the purest form as was meant to be.
Gathering pollutants as it comes through the air.
Oh, the Great smell after a good cleansing Rain.
So clean to breathe and smell.
Too be sitting and watching a nice gentle rain.
It seems to have a life all its own.
All plants seem to thrive in its glory.
I have stood in it and soaked it up as plants do.
Feel it go into my skin and is so invigorating too me!
Pity those that complain of RAIN.
Adore those that are grateful for RAIN.
When in Pain think of RAIN.
It has a calming affect that has to be felt.

    © by July 31, 1999 Jim Simpson 173rd AIRBORNE BDE. C 2/503 Infantry 1967-1968

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