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"Our Children"

The Massacre that took place this week 04/18/99 to  04/24/99 saddens,

This is not the first time this has occurred,

I have sat here pondering what could have gone wrong?  Growing up I was Disciplined when I made wrong judgments or was running with the wrong crowd!  Yes, my parents took a profound interest in where I was and what I was doing. Back then I thought it was bad and rebelled only to get my tail grounded and or a spanking!  Now, is as though both parents are chasing the almighty buck and both parents are working!  This impedes more on the children, that Mom and Dad only care about their jobs and not me! Not all are like this but some are and those are the ones I'm aiming my message too!  Had lots of spankings in school as well at home and I served my country and raised two children with my wife and all of us did not turn out bad.  We always communicated at our dinner table and Sunday dinner was always great!  People, it's time too quit worrying about other countries and stop and look at our OWN!  Kids are given so much and are spoiled by all of it.  What ever Jon's got next door then so should your Billy have it too!   They grow up believing that they do not have to work for anything!  WHY? because it is given to them!  We have also allowed our Government to step in and interfere with our children's schooling, as such no prayer, no corporal punishment, you can be reported by your child to the authorities about abusing them! If we start at an early age of the child and make them strive and work for what they want then they understand what it is all about.  If you discipline your child as a young one before getting into school it will have an impact!  Have heard children very young say NO to their parents and they let it go as if they heard nothing at all!  Children need positive things said about them we all goof up every day but as well we do more good and always point out the good in the child and I will guarantee that they will do more good things to get that much desired attention that they need and want called LOVE! We all have our opinions but it seems as though since the authorities have made changes in the school system this has progressed to this level and is not going to stop until we as parents open our eyes to what is going on and you can see if you look hard enough. But if you have already established a good moral communication level then they will come and ask you questions.  And too get that Honor you have too first gain the child's TRUST, by showing love and care. Not finding all the faults of them! Both of mine came to me when they were in school and ask if I had smoked POT, I told them I had for I knew they would know if I lied, and I also explained how it affected me and my mind.  They may have tried it to see but both never had a drug or alcohol problem.  Also ask me about LSD, same thing but told them how scary it made me feel and the effects that it had on my brain!  Is a GREAT feeling to have that TRUST from them and even today they come to me and ask questions?  By me being honest with them they in turn are honest with me.  When they told me something that was bad I did not jump up and go berserk, I simply tried to understand and talked with them about it and at times they were saying it to see how I would react.  they told me they thought that I would go crazy on them but we had a laugh and life went on.  Folk's it's TIME too wake up and address these issues instead of fighting other peoples War's this is lots of stress on our young!  I'm a 100% Disabled Vet and I do know WAR and what impact it can have on the young.  My heart goes out too those that lost loved ones in that school as well my prayers!  Hope that I have made some good points here and is strictly my opinion and as I always say I may not agree with what you are saying.....But I will defend to my death your right to say it!

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© April 24, 1999 Jim Simpson 173d Airborne BDE. C 2/503 Infantry 67-68



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