A Note From The C.U.M.I. Netmaster
A Note From The C.U.M.I. Web/Netmaster

If you would like to link to the Christians United Ministries, Inc. Website, you may use the graphic below for "linking" purposes only. Please transfer the graphic to your website's directory before using it as a link. If you are not exactly sure how to code the graphic, please email me and I will be glad to assist you. Also, please email us to let us know about the link. And, if you would like C.U.M.I. to link to your website, let us know as well. However, we reserve the right to decline any link that we deem inappropriate or out of context with the missions of Christians United Ministries, Inc.

In His Love and Service,

Todd - (Email: CUMI_Netmaster@Hotmail.com)