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Welcome to Katie's Creatures 2 Page!

December 13th 2000- Holy crap! It's been way to long since I've updated this... in fact it's been almost a year! Crazy! I tell you! Well, as you can see I've gotten 2000+ hits here! And I'm super excited! So thank you all so much for supporting me! I've started up my C2 game! I've been super majorly busy! But I'm trying so don't you all worry! Thanks again!

Please, Please, Please, PLEASE sign my guestbook! Even if all you have to say is "Hi!" I would love to here from you!

I have finally finished the rest of my webpage but I'm still working on the COBS page, and the Names page so until you see them here, I don't have one!

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Thank You!

First I want to thank Kate from "Albia: Home of the Norn," form letting me use the navigator on my site that was originally on hers. Also thanks for letting me use the waving norn at the top of my page. For my second thank you, I want to thank Allana and Amanda at "Allana and Amanda's Creatures 2 Page," for letting me use the scrolling letters and showing me the HTML. Thanks Everyone!