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First Tennessee and Alabama Independent Vidette Cavalry

Companies A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H
(southern men who served in the federal army)



The 1st Tennessee & Alabama Independent Vidette Cavalry Companies A, B, C, G, and H were formed at Stevenson and Bridgeport, Alabama to serve one year from September 10, 1863 to April 26, 1864.  At Tracey City and Nashville, Tennessee companies D, E, and F were formed from December 9, 1863 to February 24, 1864 to serve one year.  On June 16, 1864 from orders from the War Department this regiment was mustered out of service.

Photos are available for some of the men in the following companies:

Company A

Company B

Company C

Company D

  Company E 

Company F

Company G

Company H


Listings of some Burial Places


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Civil War Headstone Dedication Webb Cemetery May 27, 2012


pictomb.gif (4412 bytes)Click here to view Tombstone Photos of members of the 1st Tennessee & Alabama Independent Vidette Cavalry

New Information added:
July 10, 2022 Company C: Washington Crow

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Pictures of Andersonville Prison now

Statements made by several men in Company A about the Hunts Mill Skirmish

Documents for Company F

First Alabama Cavalry

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