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The First Church of Polyamory

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Pods (local congregations or families)
The First Level teachings: Part One
1st Level teachings: Part Two
2nd Level teachings
3rd Level teachings
4th Level teachings
5th Level teachings
6th Level teachings
7th Level teachings
So you want to start a Pod?

What we are about

After 19 years of Neo-Pagan studies and 9 years of Ceramonial Magick studies. I began a long term ritual known as the Bornless Ritual. The purpose of this Rite is to: "Invoke the Higher Genius", "achieve Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel", or "become a Self-aware God" depending on who was describing it. When I started achieving results, much to my surprise, I was contacted by the Goddess Aphrodite. Suddenly, I was channeling a system that brought together Paganism, Polyamory, Tantra, and Ceramonial Magick into a new wholeness. And now I have begun sharing this system with others: taking on students, Performing initiations, and helping people form their own Pods (congregations or Families). We practice Free Love, social Nudism, and intense initiatory experiences. If this sounds like something you would be interested in. Send us an Email At: