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House of One Heart (BJD) - Bangkok

Welcome to House of One Heart (Baan Jai Diaow - BJD), a student and youth ministry of Youth With A Mission - Thailand. Born of a vision to reach Thailand with the Gospel and a calling to the students of Ramkhamhaeng 2 University, Baan Jai Diaow opened it's doors in June 1995. A myriad of activities ranging from English teaching, music/singing/worship classes, evangelistic concerts, cell groups and Bible studies happen during any given week at Baan Jai Diaow.

Most of the students who are the target of this ministry attend "Ram 2", the freshman campus of an even larger university system in Bangkok which is the largest in the world, with over 500,000 students enrolled.

Mission Statement

We are committed to communicating the gospel and making missions-minded disciples of Christ among youth and students in Thailand through evangelism, worship, one-on-one discipleship, and other creative expressions, working together with the local churches and Christian organizations.

Overall Goals

1. EVANGELISM - creative ministry, student center, band, teaching English, music, outreaches

2. DISCIPLESHIP - one-on-one and University Discipleship Training School, Discipleship Training Week, worship training.

3. NURTURING - church involvement, discipleship house.

4. RELEASE - into ministry, through the local church, with vision to reach the Unreached peoples.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a dynamic youth movement that is releasing missions-minded disciples into all areas of Thai society and to the Unreached peoples of the world.

What's happening at Baan Jai Diaow?

God is expanding our ministry, here are some new things that are happening:

Discipleship House The student center is now home to 40+ new believers, providing a constant God-filled atmosphere and discipleship care.

Worship Seminars God is opening doors to teach at various seminars and workshops.

Recording Projects We have recorded two previous albums of Thai worship music that was written by gifted young Thais and are looking forward to God leading us into further projects.


How can you be involved?

We host several short-term outreach teams per year. These can be involved in campus evangelism, open-airs, prayer, practical help (repairs, painting, cleaning), etc. Musical and artistic teams can be particularly effective.

We also welcome individuals (both YWAM and non-YWAM) that would like to come and serve the ministry here on a short-term basis. Short-terms, from 2 weeks up to 6 months, are considered on a case-by-case basis. People with English-teaching abilities, musical skills, handyman skills, or home-schooling skills are especially needed.

Financial Support

We are looking for partners who can financially support the ministry of Baan Jai Diaow in several areas:

1) General needs: ongoing rent and expenses of the student center and facilities.

2) DTS sponsorships: there are several students who already have the desire to complete a DTS, but lack the finances as they come from poor, rural families.

3) Musical equipment: needed for worship ministry, concerts, and recording.

Staff Needs

We are presently in need of long term staff to work in the following areas:

Job prerequisites include:

For inquiries or further information, please contact us at:

House of One Heart
(Baan Jai Diaow)
P.O. Box 20
Thungsetthi Post Office
Bangkok 10263


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