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The Tristan stained glass for Harden Grange.

Morris & Co.


William Morris choose the subject, based upon Malory's Tristan retellings in Morte Darthur. The colours were also his choice to preserve the unity, but he asked several Pre-Raphaelite brothers to design the panels.
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Still missing three panels.)

The birth of Tristram

Arthur Hughes


 The departure of Tristram and La Belle Isoude from Ireland

Val Prinsep


Tristram and La Belle Isoude drink the love potion

Dante Gabriel Rossetti



 The marriage of Tristram and Isoude Les Blanches Mains

Edward Burne-Jones


The madness of Tristram

Edward Burne-Jones


The recognition of Tristram by La Belle Isoude

William Morris


The attempted suicide of La Belle Isoude

Edward Burne-Jones


Tristram and Isolde at King Arthur's court

William Morris


The death of Tristram

Ford Maddox Brown


The tomb of Tristram and Isolde

Edward Burne-Jones


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