Welcome to The Write Site! This site is under construction so please be patient. I'm in the process of changing the site over to the new design and not all of the pages have been completed. Eventually, the entire site will have the same look as this page. In addition, over the next several weeks, I will be adding new information to the existing pages. Check back for even more links, tips, contests, quotes, exercises, e-zines, and list member bios. There are also many new pages in the works including: market listings, humor, a critiquing workshop, writer's conferences, online writer's groups, associations and organizations for writers, a character name guide, software for writers, news, bbook reviews, a marketplace, and much, much more. But I wanted to go ahead and get this site up so that I could tell you about The Write List.

My name is Kim and I maintain an E-mail group for writers called The Write List. I tried out hundreds of other lists and never found the "perfect" one. I had a clear picture in my head of what I was hoping to find but unfortunately, I never found it. Many lists had some of the things that I wanted but none of them had it all. Many had very little focus. Some had too much traffic and some had not enough. Some looked down on beginners and some had no one with any experience. Some catered to a specific genre. Don't get me wrong, there are some wonderful lists out there, I  belong to a couple, but nothing suited my needs entirely. So, I decided to start my own.

The Write List is for anyone with an interest in writing. It doesn't matter whether or not you have been published or even whether you've written anything before. The
 type of writing you prefer and your level of experience is also unimportant. If you are looking for a place to meet other writers, share your work, critique the work of
others, and learn more about the art of writing, you are in the right place.

 At present, the list is organized as follows....

Mondays - I will send out the "Weekly Writing Exercise". Anyone who wishes to participate and submit their completed exercise to the list is encouraged to do so. At the end of the week, I will choose the "best" (or rather my favorite) exercise submission and add it to the site.

Tuesdays - I will send out the "Weekly Topic". This is a way to facilitate discussion about a writing related topic. Members are encouraged to use this as a jumping off point for discussions and debates or to share ideas.

Discussion is not limited to this topic, however. Discussion of any topics related to writers and writing is encouraged.

 Wednesdays - I will send out the "Link of the Week" which is basically a link to a website that I think has useful information on writing.

Thursdays - I will send out the first "Weekly Writing Tip". This will be information on some aspect of writing gathered from a variety of sources.

Fridays - I will send out the "Quote of the Week". This may be related to writing or just about any other topic that I find interesting and encouraging.

Saturdays - I will send out a "Job Market Listing" taken from either the 1999 Writer's Market which is featured on and can be purchased through my bookstore or from other sources as available. 

Sundays - I will send out the second "Weekly Writing Tip."

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