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A Delta is, whatta AKI ain't
What a Zeta wanna be and whatta Sigma can't
What a Alpha likes, whatta Kappa loves
and whatta a Que Psi Phi can't get enough of.

You cannot slide and glide
into our sorority
You cannot dip tip into DST
You've got to work and pray
and have a GPA
You've got to shed some tears
and have a little fear
to be a Delta
the ULTIMATE sorority.

Scared to pledge
and decided to skee wee
But deep in your heart
You wanted DST.
"Pretty girls" this
and "pretty girls" that
but check your GPA
and .08 is where is at.

What is an AKI?
An AKI is
what's in my notebook
didn't pledge for life
just pledged for looks
What I put in the trash
What I wipe my OO-OOP
That is an AKI.

Those prissy icky AKI's
in their tacky AKY suits
They came onto our yard
thinking they were cute
Well we hip them to the happenin's
and showed them all the facts
DELTA's are the finest
Skeedy weedy weedy weedy on that.

Chorus: Sha-la-la, Sha-la-lee
My, oh my whatta melody
Sha-la-la, Sha-la-lee
Oh talking 'bout a Sorority.

Verse: In the beginning, there were two
One was a Delta, the other a Que.
They got together and this is what they did;
First they made a lamp and then a pyramid.
Verse: Into space we'll be going soon
DST will be written on the moon.
People on the Earth shout,
"AKA, Z Phi B,"
But the people on the moon shout,

OO Double O P
Oo Double o-p
(oo-oop, oo-oop, oo-oop
sounds good to me (repeat)

(oo-oop, oo-oop, oo-oop
sounds good to me (repeat)

Don't Wanna Be

(Don't wanna be)
Don't wanna be no Alpha Kappa Alpha.
(Don't wanna be)
Don't wanna be no Z Phi B.
(Just wanna be)
Just wanna be a Dyno Delta
Foxy ol' Delta of DST.
(No pink and green)
No pink and green for Alpha Kappa Alpha.
(No blue and white)
No blue and white for Z Phi B.
(Just red and white)
Just red and white for Dyno Delta
Foxy ol' Delta of DST.
(Thumbs down)
Thumbs down for Alpha Kappa Alpha.
(Thumbs down)
Thumbs down for Z Phi B.
(Just raise em up)
Just raise em up for Dyno Delta.
Foxy ol' Delta of DST!

She's A-One

She's A- One on campus,
a scholar in school
But once you get to know her
she's really, really cool.
Cause she's a Delta Sigma Theta,
ooh~ooh wee, cause she's a Delta Sigma Theta.
All Delta Woman are fine. (Oo-oop! *6)
She may not be prissy,
with long black pretty hair.
But what the good Lord gave her,
He sho'nuf put it there.
Cause she's a Delta Sigma Theta,
Ooh~ooh wee, cause she's a Delta Sigma Theta.
All Delta women are fine!! (Oo-oop *6)

Delta, I Love It

Delta, I love it, I love, I love it.
Aw~ Sigma, I love it, I love it, I love it.
Aw~ Theta, I love it, I love it, I love it.
Aw~ D-E-L-T-A S-I-G-M-A (oo-oop)
T-H-E-T-A --Delta is the only way. (Repeat)

Who Are We

Who are we, my Sisters and me?
We are the sexy-stepping Sorors of DST.
We have strived to cross the sands
On into Delta Sigma Theta Land! (Repeat)

Delta Is The Best

Delta is the best!
Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!
We picked her out from all the rest!
Oh Yes, oh yes, oh yes!
One day we made it thru,
and gave our hearts to you.
Now we don't have to cry no more!
Oose, get down, oose, oose, get down (repeat)
Eighty-five years ago,
22 women had to go
Upon a mission to make the world a little greater
and decided to found Delta Sigma Theta.
They threw out the colors of pink and green
and discovered the beauty of Crimson and Cream.
Now in 1998,
Delta Sigma Theta is better than great!
195,000 members today...
DST is the only way!!
Remember this, we added a twist
and now it goes a little something like this!! (Founder's Step)

Greek Alphabet Song

Delta-Alpha, Beta, Gamma
Delta-Epsilon, Zeta, Eta
Theta, Iota, Kappa,
Lambda, Mu, Nu Xi--
watch ya step.
Omicron, Pi, Rho, Sigma,
Tau, Upsilon, Phi, Chi,
Psi, Omega--DST singing
don't want to be left behind!!
Omegas, Omegas our brothers;
Kappas, Kappas our lovers.
A Delta girl will make a man outta Alpha and a Sigma too.

DST--My Sorority!!

DST, My Sorority.
Always on my mind,
oo-oopin' all the time.
Wearing 9 pearls,
sisterhood and service.
That's our purpose-- DST. . .

Duck Team

Chorus: I say duck team
a- waddle, waddle, quack, quack.
I say let me see your tail (you better wiggle).
I say duck team a-waddle, waddle, quack, quack--
let me see your tail.
Verse: Well, I was walking 'cross the yard
just the other day,
when lying in the gutter was an AKA!
I said get up girl (get up)
and I helped her to her feet.
Cause we don't allow no "paper" trash on Delta Street.
Verse: Well, I was walking 'cross the yard
just the other night.
I heard a terrible noise,
I saw a frightening sight.
I opened up my eyes and what did I see...
Frankenstein momma was a Z Phi B.
Verse: Well, I was walking 'cross the yard
just the other day,
when a fine, sexy Soror
was coming my way.
I said,"What's up, girl?" (What up!)
"with your red and white.
You know we run this yard both day and night."

Red is Red

Red is red and white is white
and those are the colors that are outta sight.
We are the Deltas, hey, hey, hey.
We are the Deltas, alright!(repeat)
Verse: I don't know, but I think it's true
that Eve was a Delta and Adam was a Que!!
Verse: When you get to heaven
and you can't get in
you just show Saint Peter you Delta pin!!

D- With a Big Fat D!

D- with a big fat D!!
Forget that pink and green skee wee;
if you wanna be down with me...
Do this, my Sorors and this, my Sorors. (Repeat)

Nabisco's Got The Crackers

Nabisco's got the crackers
and Campbell's got the soup.
The Deltas got the Alphas,
the Ques, and the Nupes!!

I Hate The Deltas

I hate the Deltas, they took my man.
I tried to pledge, they said, "Think again!"
And I was hurt, hurt--
didn't know what to say;
I pledged that week stuff--that AKA.
And I was hurt, hurt--
didn't know what to do;
I pledged that dumb stuff-- that white and blue.
And I was hurt, hurt--
didn't know where to go;
I pledged that unknown stuff --that S-G-Rho!!!

You've Got To Hold A Delta

You've got to hold a Delta tight
and don't let her go.
You've got to love a Delta down
from her head to her toes.
You gotta quack, quack,
and practice you know.
You gotta quack, quack,
and practice you know. (Repeat)

You've Gotta Be Smooth

You've gotta be smooth-
the Deltas are here to show
you that we're - helping out community
in spite of our peers.
They want respect,
but how can this be...
when they are just too "pretty"
to help those in need.

We Are . . .

We are the soul-steppin' Sorors of DST.
We make you perspire,
cause we're hot like fire.
Epsilon Eta is here to say
that no Sorority does it this way.