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A book for all my good friends of Norway


Mary Ladleful
And St Margaret of Antioch

by Birger Sivertsen

Lavishly illustrated with Norwegian artwork ranging from mediaeval times to
the romantic scenes of the late 1800s.  Launched in September 1998, this book has
become a huge success in Norway with a new edition already in press.

Aptly described as a treasure chest of a book for anyone interested in the
traditional peasant culture of Norway.  It deals with beliefs and popular
beliefs, legends and fairy-tales, weather prophecies and omens linked to the
old Norwegian "red-letter" days.  The text not only describes all our ancient
traditions, it also discusses annual religious holy days and explains their

Some examples:  When did Norwegians begin decorating Christmas trees?  What
does the Christmas tree stand look like and why?   What angers norwegian farm
elves?  This book answers these questions and more, explaining the classic
legends, pagan and Christian traditions, and peasant society's superstitions,
humor and way of thinking.

Birger Sivertsen, who was born in Trondheim in 1953 and now lives in
Trondheim, has previously written books on humor and local history.

Special price:  We can offer this book (in Norwegian), 257 pages, for only $55,
including postage and handling, sent directly to your address in the USA.

The publisher is:
Andresen & Butenschøn, Pb 1153 Sentrum, N-0107 Oslo, Norway.
Tel.: + 47 22 33 56 86
Fax: + 47 22 33 58 05

Contact the author directly:  <Birger Sivertsen>
to receive your book.

We would appreciate advice or tips on a "Norse" publisher interested in
launching this fine book in an English-language version. We are convinced
that this presentation of Norway's culture and traditions will delight
everyone of Norwegian descent - including those who do not speak the