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Jon's Quick Reference

This is a Quick Reference Page for Jon's Trailways History Corner. Find the Trailways Company or Services in each of the blocks. Then Click on the page number at the bottom of each block to view.

Installment One

Burlington Trailways

Installment Two

Bowen Motor Coaches

Installment Three

Santa Fe Transportation

Installment Four

Missouri Pacific

Installment Five

Martz Coach/Safeway Lines

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Installment Six

The Rockies

Rio Grande Motorway

Denver-Colorado Springs-Pueblo Motorway

Denver-Salt Lake-Pacific Stages

Installment Seven

5 Star Luxury Service Part-1

Installment Eight

5 Star Luxury Service Part-2

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Installment Nine

Early Consolidation Part-1

Sunshine Buslines

Dixie Motor Coach

Airline Motor Coaches

Southern Buslines

Bordeleon Lines Inc.

Interurban Transportation Company

Tri-State Motor Transit of Louisiana

Installment Ten

Transcontinental Bus System-The 1940's

Installment Eleven

Transcontinental Bus System-The 1950's

Installment Twelve

Transcontinental Bus System-The 1960's

Installment Thirteen

NTBS Paint Schemes

Installment Fourteen

Safeway Trails

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Installment Fifteen

Tamiami Part-1

Georgia-Alabama Bus Company

Capital Motor Lines

Installment Sixteen

Tamiami Part-2

Ader Coach Lines

Georgia Stages

Modern Coach Corp.

Bay Line

Coleman Motor Lines

Installment Seventeen

Rounding Out Georgia

Service Coach

Atlantic Stages

Southern Stages

Georgia/Florida Coaches

Georgia Trailways

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Installment Eighteen

Tennessee Coach

Installment Nineteen

Capitol Trailways of Pennsylvania

Reading Trailways

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Installment Twenty

Brooks Trailways Buslines

Installment Twenty-One

West Coast Trailways

Continental Pacific Lines

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Installment Twenty-Two

Blue Ridge Trailways

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Installment Twenty-Three

Deluxe Trailways

Indianapolis & Southeastern Trailways

Wesson Company

Indiana Railroad Buslines

Installment Twenty-Four

Virgina Trailways

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Installment Twenty-Five

Evergreen Trailways

Cascade Trailways

Installment Twenty-Six

Pan American Trailways

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Installment Twenty-Seven


Mount Hood Stages

Installment Twenty-Eight

Carolina Trailways

Red Star Motor Coaches

Norfolk Southern Bus Corp.

Seashore Transportation

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Installment Twenty-Nine

Quaker Trailways

Installment Thirty

Blueway Trailways

Trailways of New England

Installment Thirty One

Jacksonville Trailways

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Installment Thirty Two

MacKenzie Trailways

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