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The Oldest Bus That I Have Driven

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George Starns (COT) - "Little Red" 1924 Yellow Coach.

Wiford Shumate - 1940 Flxible

Pappy - (ABL) PD3703 (1946) and IC-41 (1948)

Robert Gauldin - ACF-Aerocoach,3703,4102,4103,4104,3751,& 4501 Scenicruiser.

Ron Patterson - IC-41,AFC Brill, Silversides,Fitzjohn Roadrunner, GM-4101,4104,4102,4103, 4106 & a Beck DH-1040.

Jon Hobijn - 1948 PDA-4101, ACF IC-41,PD-3751

Dave Dearstyne - Silversides & 4103

Nelson Gougeon - 4104

Charles Wiggins - (COT) GM-4104,4106,4107, Models 01,05,10,15 & 20 Eagles

Antonio Hales - 1992 Model 102

Gerry Jones - ACF-PB37 & 1946 ACF- Brill IC-41

Jim Neal - 1951 and two 1952 3RT8 English double-deckers with right-hand drive and an air-driven pre-select shift on the column

Ron Sussman - 1958 IH 180/Superior Body School Bus,PD-4103,PD-4104, TDH 3612

Ron Waller - IC41 with Embree Buses in Pasadena, California. The oldest GM is a PDA4101 with American Pacific. One of the x-Union Pacific cars.

Dick Shelley - 1948 Clipper and 1948 PD3751

Howard Shaft - The oldest bus I drove was a 28 passenger Flex with a Buick Roadmaster straight eight for power.

Amos Hemphill - Ed Sunday and Wayne Phillips gave me the opportunity to drive CSS-476 (Jon's PD 4104). Now to show how green I am as compared to some of you, CSS-476 is the only GM bus I've ever driven. I started out on Model 05 (post 1970) Eagles and drove an occasional MCI from Carolina Trailways when one would wander through in the pool between Montgomery and New Orleans in Colonial territory.

Keith Cruce - Henry J with 28 seats and No Restroom

Guy Forbes - I drove school buses while going to college. I drove Gillig's and Crown's. They both had Hall-Scott pancake engines. Gillig also had pusher(rear engine) buses.

Ed - I drove for Marshall's Transportation Co. of Exeter, NH (1959 - 1965 (+/-): I drove primarily on the Portsmouth (NH) city lines (ex- Interstate Passenger Service, ex-Boston & Maine).Marshall's had a couple of Ford 49-B transits with two shift rods, a lot of fun.  These were, I believe, two 1943 ex-Boston & Maine buses that were sold to Exeter & Hampton Lines, a subsidiary of Marshall's, after the war.  I used to drive one of these on a scheduled run to serve the local churches.  I think that was all they were used for by the time I drove them. On the city lines I drove either a 1952 8 M2b Marmon-Harrington (also ex-B&M) or a couple of little GMC transits of about the same vintage. A charter once in a while with a 25 passenger Flxible Clipper (1945-47?) with a Buick straight 8. I finished that one off one day by putting a rod through its block.

Scedman - 1942 Yellow Coach TD 4005 with a school bus company in 1969 (6 years older than I was!!!) PD4013 at Domenico Bus Service and Suburban Transit in 1970 and 1972.  This includes doubling a Greyhound schedule with the 4103 from New York to Washington on July 4 weekend 1972, complete with the need for a rest stop at State Road, Del.  The Greyhound pilot called my bus a Henry J. The best bus from that era was also at Domenico Bus Service; 1964 Flxiliner #513.  Top end was unknown, but the shift from 4th to 5th gear occured at about 65 mph.

Ed Martin--Oldest 4103 (not sure what year it was) Only drove it about 150 miles.1959 PD4104 I went to the west coast and back in 1972,

Paul in Houston, Hmmm... I know this is mainly Trailways stuff, so the oldest Trailways bus I ever "drove" (if you count moving Trailways buses around a contract repair facility) was an Eagle Model 05, mid-70's model. If you want to count buses in general, then the oldest bus I ever drove was a 1963 GMC 48-passenger school bus with an inline 6-cylinder engine and an unsyncronized transmission. You sure could tell when someone who didn't know how to double clutch was driving it!

Daniel (Silversides) Marra---The oldest buses I ever drove are as follows.
In the Transit catagory, are 1939 Twin Coach 41-G, 1941 Mack LD-3G, and 1944 Ford 49-G (Crackerbox). Drove all several times for Schenck Transportation Co. The oldest Coaches I drove are Star Bus Lines 1945 ACF IC-41 ex Greyhound, and a 1948 GMC PD-4151 ex Greyhound. Drove each of these only once.

Doug-- 57 Macvk MV-620 and 59-4104 (regular driver)

George Keys--The oldest buses I have driven are;Aerocoach, also ACF Brills, and 3703 GMC's, guess these buses were built in the 40's.

Dave Roddy--I have driven the 01 thru 10 eagles, along with the 4104, 4106, Buffalo's, Flexible's and a 'dog-type' senic cruiser once. Many enjoyable miles in all of those coaches. Thanks.

Jim Powell - 1936 White Model 706 Tour Bus in Yellowstone (318 6-cyl).


[1] Marvin E. Walsh, at 99 this October 27th 2005. Mr. Walsh was at the meeting in 1936 (in the bus industry before that) when the first 5 bus companies signed to form the Trailways System and compete head-on with Greyhound.

[2] Carroll (C.R. (Bob)) Suttle, 90 in July. Drove for Trailways 42 years out of Dallas and San Antonio.

[3] George "Handlebars"Jameson (ABL). He will be 84 on July 4th (1921).

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