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The sari has oft been described as 'the apparel that covers all...yet reveals all'. What is it about this length of cloth wrapped around a woman's body that adds so much allure? Visitors from distant kingdoms and empires to India since time immemorial have been tantalised by bewitching Indian women clad in saris.

In the words of my good friend Viara Telcharova, a young, talented
and upcoming avant-garde fashion designer from Sofia, Bulgaria
it's because "....they are just fantastic."

So enter and experience the magic of the sari...

And later on, read a fascinating tale about the Sari
from legend and mythology 5000 years old.

Also read what this erudite gentleman has to say in praise of the Sari
in his article The Sari: In All its Incarnations

Or maybe you would like to learn how to drape a Sari.
Check out these illustrated steps.

After your tour, please take some time to sign my Guestbook.
I would like to know what you thought of Sari Magic.

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