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        The Saints are returning 10 seniors, nine of who are starters, 4 juniors, and 3 sophomores.  Saint Paul's is expected to win the state championship in 4A this year.  They are coached by Andy Robbins and Doug Leffard.  Last year they were upset in the 3rd round of the playoffs by Thomasville.  The Saints finished the year with an unbelievable 28-2 record.  This year the saints are going "BALLS TO THE WALL" in hopes of an unbelievable season and a 4A state championship.



#1  Jared Johnson      2B/3B

jaredj.JPG (5248 bytes)

#7  Jason Glasscock    3B/P

jason.JPG (4933 bytes)

#9  Justin Baldwin     CF

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#11 Brett Parker       SS

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#14 Brandon Rice      RF

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#22 Jake Peavy         2B/P

#24 Ben Nelson         1B/P

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#26 Patterson Shedd    RF

#31 Jay Savage         C

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#32 Spencer Wiggins    LF

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Statistician: Josh Crawley

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#6 Colin Quina        RF/P/1B

#8  Glenn Smith        C/1B

#16 Jonathan Lindsey   3B/P

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#25 Prentiss Lawson    2B

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Sophomores (PUPPIES)

#4 Bailey Savage      SS/2B

#12 Michael Forwood    CF

#23 Corey Wiggins      P/SS

#25 Beau Flemming      3B

#42 Jared Nelson       LF

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