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By even thinking about Short Fuse Pyrotechnics, you agree that you understand that Andrew Woodard and Lindsay H. Greene will NOT be held responsible for your mistakes, actions, or the consequences thereof. You understant that Andrew Woodard and Lindsay Greene are NOT LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISFOURTIUNES THAT MAY ARISE FROM YOU VIEWING SFP!!! By viewing Short Fuse Pyrotechnics you know EVERY risk involved with your experiments, and know that accidents can and WILL happen. Although steps are taken to try to present information that is as accurate as possible on Short Fuse Pyrotechnics, the information is given as is, with NO warrantees as to its accuracy. You understand that, by viewing Short Fuse Pyrotechnics, Andy can't spell too well, so any spelling errors were just missed by Lindsay when he proof-read, it happens. So to sum this up, by viewing (yes, "viewing", entering the URL, clicking any link, thinking about entering the URL, etc.) you can NOT hold any webmaster in debt if you hurt yourself or others, you can NOT view this page without *UNDERSTANDING* the disclaimer, you can NOT view this page with out knowing that Andy can't spell, and he's sorry for any mistakes ;-). You understand that Andy and Lindsay would really like to be asked before you take any picture from this page. Andy has spent over an hour getting some of these stills, he would like to be notified if you plan on using them!

ALSO, you may NOT ENTER THIS SITE IF YOU HAVE ANY CRIMINAL INTENT! This page is for the advancement of pyrotechnics, we are NOT HERE TO TRAIN A BUNCH OF TEENIEBOMBERS, AND THE LIKE! If you are here looking for information about "bombs", destructive devices, and/or mayhem and destruction, go no further. YOU WILL NOT FIND IT HERE!! Remember, no one can be responsible for you actions, eccept YOU! It is the extreme recomendation of SFP that all minors ask their parents permission before viewing this site, and all minors get their parents permission before they try any pyrotechnic expiriment! The ole' saying "it is easyer to beg for forgivenes, than to ask for permission" DOES NOT apply here. Pyrotechnic accidents usually have life long effects, that is, IF you survive the accident...... Are you REALLY sure you want to do this? Think about it, this could change ( or end ) your life forever....

Do you Agree with these terms?

NO, I don't agree to these terms, and I want to look at a different webpage!