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How to get to that tiny HD

Do yourself a favor and ground yourself before attempting this, you can 
just hold the metal casing around the serial port.

it is kind of a pain to open the handbook but it can be done :)

first you want to take out all of the screws (ESPECIALLY THE BACK 
SCREW HOLDING THE BATERY RELEASE SWITCH #1) you have to hold the laptop 
upside down to get it out (shaking the release switch helps, 
the release switch pulls right out)

remember what screws went where (because they are different) Then take your fingernails, or a small screwdriver covered with something like cotton, and push into the grove (#2) all around the laptop. like this:
It should open without forcing!!! There will be many pops and cracks, but not the kind that sound like something breaking. The thing opens from the left side, if you are looking at it like you are using it. It is made to open from the left, but some cables are not to long. WATCH OUT FOR THE KEYBOARD CABLE (#3) (it sucks when you put it back together and you can not type on the keyboard, and all it nedded was a little jiggle)
I opened the screen and let it support itself, it looks like an L. there are 4 screws (#4) for the HD and the connector (#5) is a standard 40 pin laptop IDE connector. pull the connector off with a small screwdriver BUT DONT FORCE IT, it can break (i am glad mine did not). if you are having trouble with the Handbook not keeping time when you take the battery out you need to replace the BIOS battery (#6). I had to do this.
i took the HD off and then took the connector off. when you replace the HD you need the bios125.exe program to update the bios. The biggest that anyone has told me, that fits in the laptop, is a 4gig drive. :) The stock 128M HD is pretty small