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THE QUEST FOR DR. THUNDER CLONES last night, miah, dave, and i embarked on a jouney of immeasurable proportions. what we sought out could have the means to bring world peace, end world hunger, and change the soft drink community forever, not to mention life as we know it. we set our on our remarkable journey to find the clones for Dr. Thunder, the most amazing drink in the free world. the idea for this amazing venture began in the minds of few worthy enough to handle such a feat. i must not take any credit for this superb idea. it was the ingenius idea of mike pohl, david blevins, and jeremiah davis. i am just lucky to have been an accessory during this life changing event. an act of God, i am not sure just how the legacy of Dr. Thunder began, but i do know the first day that i tried this superb carbonated beverage. it was a hot day. i was fatgued. i was wasting away from the blistering heat of a normal summer day in marietta. it felt like i was on the sun. my feet were burning on the hot pavement. i was melting and i needed nurishment fast. suddenly, i see in the far off distance, a glimer of hope in the form of a man. he was an angel before my eyes. i walk towards him, slow at first, then faster and faster until he is just before me. he had a glow about him. clouds parted and i could hear a loud thunder roaring just as he spoke: "take this and drink, for you are thirsty and this will nurish you far beyond your wildest dreams. take this and go tell the others about it. you must tell everyone you know. you must make it your life's work." and then, as the clouds began to fade, an epiphany occured. i began to walk away and then turned back. i whispered, "who are you?" he paused, "i am sam walton, founder of Walmart discount stores. i made this drink for all of you. it is for the world to enjoy. it will give you strength and power." then i exclaimed, "well, what shall i call this?" and he replied calmly, "Dr. Thunder, because a thunder rolls everytime it is consumed. you must never forget this katie. go now, and tell the others. there will always be others."