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HIPPIE SLANGS(from the 60's till today)

So this is part of the dictionary. Thankx a WHOLE lot to Janis (our VP) who's given me all these definitions. There were some concerning drugs, but I took those out cause I don't like drugs, and it might mislead some poor lost young person into trying them. Maybe. But anyways, you won't see drugs here.

action- what's happening. later usage: a political demonstration or protest.
activist- these were political oriented hippies. they're the ones who get the actions together.
Axe- any musical instrument. any tool you use to do your art.

Baby- a term of endearment applied to cats and chicks.
bad scene,trip- a bring down, a bummer.
Bag- (as "in the bag") profession, work, interest. ex. "that's just his bag, man."
ball- as a noun, a good time.
beautiful- another word used to describe a groovy situation or person.
beautiful people- another term for the hippies. it is believed that his term came from the letters they wrote to their parents.
Berkeley- the counterculture has 2 epicenters. Haight-Ashbury, which is the artistic part and then Berkeley, the political epicenter.
Biker- kind of like the opposite of a flower child, like a 200+ puond digger, with lots of tattoos, who drinks a lot of beer and whiskey, rides a Harley and fights a lot.
blast- exciting hippie party or happening.
blow- to play an instrument, to depart, to make. ex. "i think i'm gonna blow this scene."
blow off- to abort going somewhere or doing something.
box- record player
bread- money
Bro- short for "brother". Bikers use this but the hippies prefer "man".
bugged- bothered, annoyed.
Bummer- any bad situation, especially a bad trip.
burn(ed)- to do someone wrong.
bust(ed)- arrested

Casbah- lover's lane
cap- short for capsules
cat- term used for a hippie male
chick- term used for a hippie female
Citizen- biker's use this term for an "outsider".
-city- suffix used for emphasis. similar to "-ville" ex. drag city, surf city
Clyde- bumpkin, square, moron
colors- a levi jacket with the sleeves cut off and the name of the motorcycle club on the back.
Combine- also known as the "establishment". like schools, the government, military etc.
commune- this is where the hippies live as a group.
cool- a cat who's laid back.
cool it- relax, calm down.
cop out- not to do your share of work.
counterculture- another term for "hippies".
crash- that's what you do when you call it a day and go to sleep.
crash pad- term used for hippie places(just like their apartments or dorms) where anyone can go in and out anytime they want. they can sleep, make love etc. everyone is welcome.

crazy- anything that meets a hippie approval. ex. "wow, i dig that crazy chick!"

D dad,daddy,daddyo- endearment for hippie males.
dig- understand, appreciate, approve of, enjoy.
Digger- the hippies who are more into activism than art.
drag- a bore; dissapointment.
dude- cat, man, bro. another term for a male.
dyke- a homosexual female(an old term)

establishment- schools,gov't, military etc.
Eye,the- television
Eyes- (as in "....has eyes for....") desires;like

fag- short for faggot. a male homosexual.(old term)
fall by- visit
fall in- arrive,show up, make the scene
fall out- pass out from drug overdose
far out- taking things to the limit. unusual;unconventional.
Fascist- (as in fascist pig)it usually refers to some authority such as the police, the politicians or people into materialism.
flip out- to go nuts
flaky- unreliable or unpredictable performance.
Flower Children- the hippies who were more into art than activism.

frantic- frenzied;crazy
freak- another term for hippies.(hippies accept this)
freak out- to go nuts; to be upset
Free Love- this was one of the results of the so-called sexual revolution during the 60's because of the introduction of the birth control pills.
fucked up- feeling good
funky- a happy-sad feeling
fuzz- another name for the police.

gas- supreme, tops, the most, really makes it.
Gay- the new word for homosexual males.
gig- a musical performance
getting off- enjoying(digging) something.
gone- the most, the farthest out.
grease- money,food
green- ignorant
groovy- enjoyable, fun, a good time, swinging. opposite of bummer.

hang-up- an obstacle in the way to accomplishing your goals.
happening- the place where the action takes place.
Head- another term for hippies.
Head Shop- a place where they sell pipes, roach clips, cigarette papers, posters, underground newspapers, Hippie attire, rock concert tickets and similar items.
Heat,the- another name for the police.
High- in euphoric state because of drugs or other stimulants.
Hip- in accordance with advance tastes and attitudes.
Hipster- a cat that's part of a scene. a cool cat.
Hog- a biker's motorcycle.
hot- a cat who's doing things to the max.
hussle- usually refers to illegal works.
hassle- an interferance; a bummer.

In- (as in be-in, love-in, teach-in etc.) where it's at, where the action is.

Jim- a dregatory term for cats; men.

jive- offensive;no good.

kicks- wild and crazy things cats and chicks dig doing.

Laid Back- relaxed;cool; not in a hurry.

Later- when you're ready to split the scene, you say, "later" then cut out.
lay on- to give as in, "could you lay some reds on me, man?"
Liberate- to steal something.
light my(your) fire- to turn somebody on or to be turned on by somebody.

make- to act as in, "make the scene".
Man- the generic term for cats.
Man,the- another name for the police.
Mike- short for microgram.
Mind Blowing- anything that tends to overload the senses.
Most- greatest; the furthest out ex."that new movie was the most!"

Nutty- also nuts. good;wild;hip

one percenter- a real bad ass dude.
Out of Sight- the grooviest.

pad- like crash pad. a hippie's home.
Peace Symbol- common hippie name for the nuclear disarmament symbol.
Pick up On- to observe a routine that you dig then add it on your way of doing things.
Pig- another name for the police.
Plastic- a hippie word for fake or immitation.
Put on- to fool someone.

rap- to speak the language of hip.
Riff- story; conversation; musical expression
Rip Off- to steal things or ideas.
Right on- generally said when one hippie approves of another's idea or action.

salty- rude
scoff- eat, food
score- to succeed; acquire
Short- a small foreign sports car. sides- phonograph records as in, "let's play some sides." spaced out- to forget to do something. split- to cut out of a scene. straight- (has many meanings) not hip; not gay etc. strung out- a nervous wreck. square- conformist; solid citizen. swing- to let yourself go with the flow; to hang-loose.