Robin Williams-The best actor in the genre "comedy"
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Robin Williams-The best actor in the genre "comedy"

Robin Williams are the best actor the world have ever seen!

Date of Birth: July 21, 1952 Birthplace: Chicago, ILL.

Robin Williams spent much of his childhood in the Michigan area, the only child of a Ford executive. He began honing his comic genius at an early age by memorizing the comedy albums of his idol, Jonathon Winters. When asked, Robin will tell you that he was essentially a quiet child, but reports by classmates show that he displayed much of his manic humor early in life. He studied acting at Marin College before moving to New York and studying drama with renowned actor, John Houseman. He stayed at Julliard a short time before returning to California and performing his slowly maturing act in small clubs. His first big break came when he landed the role of "Mork" on "Happy Days". It is reported that when Williams went in for the audition that he proceeded to sit on his head in the chair. He managed to turn this small role in to "Mork & Mindy". "Mork & Mindy" brought Robin huge national exposure and also shots at doing his own movies. His first major cinematic effort was "Popeye" wich was a dismal failure. It wasn't until 1987's "Goodmorning Vietnam" for which he received an Academy Award nomination that he got credit for being anything other than a sitcom superstar.R Since that time he has had one or two movies that he'd probably rather not think about ("Toys" and "Being Human" are two good examples) but has also had a string of hits that have grossed well over $100 million. Robin now lives with his wife, Marcia Garces, and he has three children: Zachary, Zelda, and Cody.