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In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Read! In the name of your lord, who created (all that exists), Has created man from a clot of blood.
Read! and your lord is Most Generous, He who taught by the pen,
He has taught man that which he knew not. ( Sutrat AL Qalaam)

"Whosoever pursues a path to seek knowledge therein, Allah will thereby make
easy for him a path to paradise" The Prophet  



Islamic Links

National and International Organizations

Centre of Islamic Studies (AL-SUNNAH)
Islamic Assembly of North America
Islamic Circle of North America
Muslim Student Association Net (international email network)
Muslim Students Association - National (United States and Canada)
World Assembly of Muslim Youth

Muslim Students Association Chapters

CalState U., Fresno
CalState U., Northridge
Carnegie Mellon University
Colorado State University
Lehigh University, Bethelhem
Oregon State University
Purdue University
Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
U. of Alabama, Huntsville
U. of British Columbia, Canada
U. of California, Berkeley
U. of Chicago
U. of Houston
U. of Michigan
U. of Minnesota
U. of Missouri, Rolla
U. of Missouri, St. Louis
U. of Nebraska, Omaha
U. of Pennsylvania
U. of Tennessee, Knoxville
U. of Texas, Austin
West Virginia University

Masjids and Islamic Centers

Care International
Central Illinois Masjid and Islamic Center (Urbana-Champaign)
Islamic Center of Blacksburg
Islamic Center of New England
Islamic Center of Santa Cruz
Islamic Center of Southern California

Islamic Relief Organizations

Miscellaneous Islamic Sources

Al Qur'an (Sound)
Albalagh, an Islamic magazine
Audio files of Ahmed Deedat
CyberMuslim Information Collective
Dar Taiba Books
Dar-us-Salam Publications and Online Islamic Bookstore
ISL Software
Islamic Cemetery of Oregon
Islamic Educational and Home School Resources
Islamic Gateway (Muslim Parliament of Great Britain)
Islamic Human Rights Commission
Islamic Management Net
Islamic Resources Homepage
IslamiCity in CyberSpace
IslamSoft Islamic Programs
Language Systems: Islamic and Arabic Software
Muslim Educational Trust
Muslim Home School Network and Resources
Peace Net
Periodica Islamica
Radio Al-Islam

Muslim Individuals

  • Abed's Home Page
  • The Sunnah of Muhammad Islamic Home Page
  • Prayer Times Page
  • Salim Morgan
  • Thomas (Aalim Zakee) Fevens's Home Page - Queen's University (UK)
  • Newsgroups and Related Sources

    Frequently Asked Questions on soc.religion.islam Newsgroup

    Sources maintained by non-Muslims

    Galaxy Directory Service: Islam
    Josh's Sanctum
    Starting Point
    The WWW Virtual Library: Islam

    Yahoo - Society and Culture: Religion: Islam
    Links to other Islamic sites:
    Qur'an and Sun'ah Alim's Islamic Website Al-Ummah Newsletter Alnoor Islamic School
    Arabia ONLINE Architecture of Islam CyberMuslim Guide 2.0 First Islamic Engine
    Art of Tajweed Astronomy for Islam ILM Islamic Bookstore ISNA Home Page
    IslamSoft Home Page Islam-faq directory IslamiCity in CyberSpace Islamic Book CLUB
    Islamic Home Page Latif Islamic Gopher Islamic Medicine Articles Muslim women's issues
    Women in Society The Islamic Herald Home Page Prayer Time Calculator
    Yahoo Index on Islam Web Plaza Index Page Quran Al-Qur'an (Sound) Quran The Holy Quran
    ICNA Bookservice Islam and the Sciences 500 Ahadith (by Topic) African Islamic History

    Masjids At Toronto & Vicinity
    Salaheddin Islamic Centre 741 Kennedy Road. 
    Scarborough, Ont.   M4A 2W1
    Masjid Al-Ansar 132 Railside Rd - unit #15 
    Don Mills, Ont.   M3A 1A3
    Albanian Muslim Society 564 Annete St. 
    Toronto, Ont. M6S 2C2
    Bosnian Community Mosque 4146 Dundas St W. 
    Etobicoke, Ont. M8X 1X3
    Cambridge Muslim Society 315 Elgin St. North 
    Cambridge, Ont. N1R 8C9
    Bosnian Islamic Centre 75 Birmingham St. 
    Etobicoke, Ont. M8V 2C3
    Halton Islamic Assoc. 4310 Fairview St.  
    Burlington, Ont. L7L 4Y8
    Masjid Al-Noor 117 Geneva St. 
    St. Catherines, Ont. L2R 4N3
    Islamic Propagation Centre 5761 Coopers Ave.  
    Miss., Ont. L4Z 1R9
    Camridge Islamic Centre 16 International Village 
    Cambridge, Ont.  N1R 8G1
    AlRashid Islamic Institute RR1 
    Cornwall, Ont. K6H 5R5
    Muslim Society of Guelph 44 Marlborough Rd. 
    Guelph, Ont.  N1E 3X3
    Muslim Association of Hamilton 11545 Stonechurch Rd. E. 
    Hamilton, Ont.  L8W 3P8
    Islamic Society of Kingston 1477 Sydenham Rd. Exit#613 
    Kingston, Ont. K7G 4V4
    Islamic Centre of Southwest Ont. 951 Pond Mills Rd. 
    London, Ont.  N6N 1C3
    London Muslim Mosque 151 Oxford St. W. 
    London, Ont.  N6H 1S3
    Islamic Society of Niagara 6768 Lyons Creek Rd. 
    Niagara Falls, Ont. L2E 6S5
    Oshawa Islamic Centre 26 McGrigor St. 
    Oshawa, Ont.  L1H 1X7
    Islamic School of Ottawa 10 Coral Ave. 
    Ottawa, Ont. K2P 5Z6
    Ottawa Muslim Association 257 Northwesern Ave. 
    Ottawa, Ont. K1Y 0M1
    Islamic Society of Sudbury 755 Churchill Ave. 
    Sudbury, Ont. P3A 4A1
    Jaamiah Aluluoom Alislamiyah 2944 Audley Rd. 
    Ajax, Ont. L1S 4S7
    Al-iman School 253 Summerlea Rd. Unit#1-4 
    Brampton, Ont. L6T 5A8
    Jami Masjid - Brampton 8450 Torbram Rd.  
    Brampton, Ont. L6T 4M9
    Imdadul Islam Centre 43 Picaro Rd. 
    Downsview, Ont. M3N 2B6
    Talim-Ul-Islam 86 Revalda Rd. 
    Downsview, Ont. M9M 2M8
    Etobicoke Muslim Comm Org. 130 Westmore Dr. Unit#11 
    Etobicoke, Ont. M9V 5E2
    Islamic Assn. of Ghazi Khosrof Beg. 122 North Qween St. 
    Etobicoke, Ont.  M8Z 2E4
    Muslim World Ledgue 191 The West Mall #1018 
    Etobickoke, Ont. M9C 5K8
    Isna Islamic School 1525 Sherway Dr. 
    Miss., Ont.  L4X 1C5
    Masjid Al-Farooq 935 Eglinton Ave. W. 
    Miss., Ont. L5M 2B5
    Mecca Islamic Centre 3606 Hurontario St.  
    Miss., Ont.  L5B 1P3
    Zafar Mosque 153 Benworth Ave. 
    North York, Ont.  M6A 1P6
    Islamic Foundation of Toronto 441 Nugget Ave. 
    Scarborough, Ont. M1S 5E1
    Scarborough Muslim Association 2665 Lawrence Ave. E. 
    Scarborough, Ont. M1P 2S2
    Canadian Turkish Islamic Centre 336 Pape Ave. 
    Toronto, Ont. M4M 2W7
    Faith Mosque 182 Rhodes Ave. 
    Toronto, Ont. M4L 3A1
    Islamic Information Da'wah Centre 957 Dovercourt Rd. 
    Toronto, Ont. M6H 3X6
    Jami Mosque 56 Boustead Ave. 
    Toronto, Ont. M6R 1Y9
    Madina Masjid 1015 Danforth Ave. 
    Toronto, Ont. M4J 1M1
    Masjid Al-Noor 277 Scott Rd. 
    Toronto, Ont. M6M 3V3
    Taric Mosque 99 Beverley Hills Dr. 
    Toronto, Ont.
    Muslim Society of Waterloo 213 Erb St. W. 
    Waterloo, Ont. N2L 1V6
    Windsor Islamic Association 1320 Northwood Dr. 
    Windsor, Ont. N9W 1A4
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