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The Family Oak Tree:RICHEY-HUGHES

One cannot begin to understand the real meaning of the word FAMILY until you realize where you came from. A FAMILY is like an OAK TREE made up of strong roots,sturdy branches and beautiful acorns and leaves.

When I became aware of the strength of a FAMILY and the survival of the OAK TREE,I began to dig deep for the roots to find what makes the family tree strong. Then I climbed the tree to the braches and examined each branch for its history. Next, I studied the acorns and watched where they fell and where they chose to take root and grow and finally I take the indiviual leaf and study its beauty and listen to the stories it has to tell.

From there, I came to see that for one to truely know the meaning of the word FAMILY, you must first realize that your only a tiny leaf on a branch, where many acorns fell and took root , from a huge, strong OAK TREE.

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