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Jedi Medic's Rebel Base
and Bastion of Chivalry

To All and Singular, Welcome.

Welcome to my Rebel Base, My Fortress of Solitude, My Sanctum Sanctorum

Jedi Medic, Barsul Ja-Bar, KOJ Eqvites Ivbalis
"Probi Immotiqve Este"
Be Virtous and Cool
Faith In The Power Of One
Knight, Order of the VVC
Knight, The Ancient High and Reverent Order of Aslan,
Knight the Order of the Mongrel,
Knight of Chivalry Now

To the BlackKnightXX of WolfsOfTheKnightsCode.
Here is my Shield

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Proud Member of the Imperial Order of the Opossum

You Don't Have To Be Crazy To Work In This Business, [EMS] But It Sure Makes It A Lot More Fun

PARAMEDICs; Jack Of All Trades, And Master Of Them All
What else could I be? I was a Lightship Sailor.
Served aboard the WLV-605 Relief

UPDATED 09/02/2006

I work for Marion County EMS, where I am known as Jedi Medic, AKA Spiderman. My mundane name is Jeffery. My friends call me Jeff. Or Jedi, Jethro, Rambo, Pit Burner, Obi Wan, or Worm.
As my alias suggests I'm am a STAR WARS FAN, a Colonial Warrior, and a member of the Star League. amoung many other things. I am also a member of the Noble Order of Valour {view my Letter of Patent and Grant of Arms}. And a Companion of the Knights, Order of Jubal. My Current interests are all things King Arthur, Knightly and/or Chivalrous.

There Are Three (3) Quests that I'd love to complete Prior to meeting my Maker.

My friends say I have a "different way" of looking at life in general,
others say that I am just plain STRANGE in a good sort of way.

I am a Paramedic and have been these last 20 years at Northwest Medical Center Ambulance Service. I always said I could never be fired because slaves have to be sold. I got sold. Me and the rest of the service. Sold to Northstar Paramedics. They know how to run an Ambulance Service, unlike my last employer who put an RN with no clue what so ever how run an ambulance service or what EMS is over it. If they had done thier research they would have found she ran everything into the ground she was ever put in charge of at her former employer. The whole EMS/Helicopter service threatened to quit if they didn't remove her. they did and we got her. Now were are FREE of her, YAHOO! Other than having my paycheck cut in half things are going well. We are now called Marion County Emergency Medical Services. Things can only get better.
Well TTFN.
Stay Safe.

Keep the Shiny side up and the greasy side down.

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To see the process of becoming a Paramedic GO HERE No offense is intended to Female Paramedics. Because in this business I don't see a Man and I don't see a Woman. I see a PARAMEDIC.



Jedi Medic's Words of Wisdom
Just Another Day in the Life of A Paramedic

This is ME

  • 50yo white male
  • National Registered Paramedic
  • Alabama Licensed Paramedic
  • Married with Children x4
  • Interests/Activities include(below)
  • Caving
  • High Angle Rescue
  • Scuba Diving
  • STAR WARS FAN!!!!!
  • I am open to all JOB offersResume
  • I WANT A HUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • or an X-WING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • or a VIPER!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'd even settle for a GunStar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The way she looked when I served aboard her before restoration to her 1951 configuration

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