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ISS Across Team

Team ISS Members

ISS Levels and Links to Across Pages

ISS-Level 25
ISS-Level 25 J
ISS-Level 25 D
ISS-Level Hooky
ISS-Level Falling
ISS-Level Coolevel
ISS-Level 69er
ISS-Level Jim 2
ISS-Level Knees
ISS-Level Knees 2
ISS-Level Oh Yeah
ISS-Level Kooky
ISS-Level J
ISS-Level H
ISS-Level Apple Slope
ISS-Level Apple Seven
ISS-Level Biggy
ISS-Level Deeznutz
ISS-Level F***ed
ISS-Level Hell
ISS-Level Long Zoom
ISS-Level Reeb
ISS-Level Sexual 1
ISS-Level Sexual 2
ISS-Level Sexual 3
ISS-Level In da dark
ISS-Level 8ball
ISS-Level Haha
ISS-Level Boodussy
ISS-Level Stretch
ISS-Level Stretch3
ISS-Level Gotcha in the Katya
Very Coo Level Unlocker-(it unlocks levels that are locked)

Official Action SuperCross Homepage (Balazs)
American Action SuperCross Page
A.M. Rubber Racers
Acrossive SuperCrossers
More Across
Uranus' HomePage with more Across Levels
Across Hacker's Page

All of the levels on this page were designed by the world champion ISS Across team. Feel free to download any of them. Be sure to register your version of Across on the official page. Thanks for visiting our site.

If you want your levels published here, just e-mail them to the address below. Also if some levels are not downloading right, links do not work,
or if you have any suggestions e-mail us.

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