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The Abandonment of Wrongdoing

Imâm Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah

Al-Fawaa’id, pp. 302-303 Quoted in footnotes to “An Explanation of Riyadh as-Saliheen” by Sh. Ibn `Uthaymeen © 1998 Sajad Rana


Glory be to Allâh, Lord of the Worlds. There is not in the abandonment of misdeeds and wrongdoing save:

Accordingly, these are some of these signs [actualized] by the abandonment of wrongdoing in this world.

When the individual dies, the Angels receive him, and convey upon him the glad tidings of Paradise from his Lord. In addition to [the good news] that no fear or sorrow shall be upon him. He will alter his residence from the prison of this Dunyâ and its confinement, to a garden from amongst the Gardens of Paradise. He shall experience its delights therein until the Day of Judgment.

When the Day of Judgment [arrives] the people shall be [in a state] of [extreme] heat and perspiration, [however] he shall be in the shade of a Throne. When they depart from before Allâh, the Companions of the right-hand shall take him with His God-Fearing allies, and His Victorious Party. Indeed:

“That is the bounty of Allâh. He confers it to upon whosoever He desires, and Alh is in possession of the Sublime Bounty.” [Sűrah al-Jumu‘ah, Ayah 4]

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