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This is the story of Laila. In this interlocking web of events, Laila will, in search of happiness live with a man of drunkardness, will travel the earth on the wealth of another, and will become infatuated with the love of Ayyub. In blind confusion she will realize that none of these were the cause of her heart felt yearning.

Might I ask the source of that dancing smile joyously playing across your image?

Despair does not corrupt even the smallest of my thoughts. No cares have I whether I live or die.

What is the source of this nonchalant display?

At first its taste is not inviting, but after a while it becomes enticing. It eases your mind with a slight burning sensation, and releases your thoughts of distress, and worries fluttering around in your chest. All the pressures, and burdens of life dissipate, and all through the night I'm full of delight. The mornings, the worst of all my times. My body and mind as if its been inflicted with torture, whipped by weather, whose only desire is destruction. I'm telling myself I can't bear another day of this despair. Then do I dwell on the coming night, and a simple sip of my delight, my joy, and my love.

All my time spent testing your love has not put a dent in the yearning of my hearts cove. This burning desire being pumped through my veins, only to return the same to it's originating domain. Who are you dear man whose attitude is as if you were a carefree bird? What keeps your mind so light, as if it were in flight?

No concern of mine entails when will I dine, O Laila of beauty divine. So you say, "why are carefree?" Maybe its because I can sail the seven seas. Or is it that I can fly through the sky like a hawk, or an eagle in my airplane. Do come with me and spend of what you like, dispelling light on my already wonderfully elegant life. For you will not regret even a second on this flight. To and from far distant lands North America, Africa, and maybe even Japan. All the while living first class never will thee even want of air, while under my attentive care. If I don't own enough of what you need, I'll buy another, maybe two or three. So come, do come, Laila who seams so sad let me, on silk laden beds carry you to a place that's not full of dread.

O man of wealth, pomp, and property, don't let me put a damper on your heartfelt want to rid me of my devotion, for the decree you have is not the same as the ocean of joy steering me in this convoy. It was fun at first, but every time I closed my eyes for sleep, alone in the dark I realized my heart was not in tune to this life of a silver spoon.
O Ayyub, I put off coming to you, you the one who held my heart in his hand. Maybe you can put a stop to this quest of everlasting yearning in my breast.

Dear Laila, why did you ever go away? Leaving my heart in as many pieces, as particles of dust floating about aimlessly? Come Laila and drink in my love. Never has it decayed, only grew stronger by the day. Thoughts of you have carried me though suicidal suggestions, and soul wrenching questions. Betray my love have you done, or just slighted it for another one. Just to embrace you my friend, my life will begin. Like a newborn baby fresh from the womb, or a decomposed corpse resurrected from its tomb. How now do you feel knowing my heart too is in your hand? Never again will I leave you in this hard cruel land. Follow you wilt I through wind, and fire, put off not your long lost childhood desire, my dear Laila.

To leave you again is contrary to my mindly compassion, dear Ayyub, dear Ayyub, knowing before how long your heart took to fuse. You have treated me so well in this timely Corel, but when I look within myself I see that my heart, a constant rebel, in a war waged against me.
This place so obviously empty is full of EverExisting company, destitute is this dwelling, content am I as if in heaven. Earthen floor, and old wooden door. My castle on this earth for a while. Only a visitor or a guest am I. In reality, this place is nothing but a test, full of dilusionary tension, and stress. Is it that I have left it alone to corrupt the good and weaken the strong? O You most luminious light, why am I deserving of this delight? Your love and breathtaking sight, so incomprehensible is this flight. O Love of the lovers so true, draw me near, with every praise I declare. O You who hast caused thine heart to burst forth with an increasingly bountiful force. To be received at a perfect station of mystic bliss made specifically by You, for Your creation. I have found my devotion that no drink has a strong enough potion, nor could gold or silver give me what I behold, and never by chance the lover of simple romance. I have found what my heart yearned for, Who has been closer to me than any could be. I have found my love, my peace, and my bliss. The One and only Everlasting exists. I have found the Love of the lovers of You.

Ya Rabbi, Ya Rabbi, I have found You, Ya Allahu!

Written by Amatullah

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