Known As:



A. Basic Information:
Name: Magus (Janus Zeal)
Name meanings: Janus--In Roman mythology the god of portals and of beginnings and endings(depicted as having two faces looking opposite directions; deceitful; two-faced). Magus--Singular of Magi ("the three wise men from the east" who came to Bethlehem to pay homage to the infant Jesus). Mystic--Pretaining to mysteries or designating an occult or esoteric rite, religion, etc. (baffling; enigmatic). Prophet--One who delivers divine messsages or interpets divine will. One who foretells the future (oracle; soothsayer; etc.). Zeal--Enthusiatic devotion or ardor for a cause (Zealot is an immedorate fanatic).
Rank/Title: Prince; Ex-dictator; Prophet
Date of Birth: Unknown (in the 12000 BC era presumably)
Origin of Birth: Kingdom of Zeal
Weapon of Choice: Scythe
Gender: Male
Class: Sorcerer (Shadow)
Handed: Probably right-handed because it is used primerably for spells
Nickname: Prince of Darkness
Mother: Q. Zeal
Father: Not certain (probably K. Zeal)
Siblings/Relatives: Sister (Schala)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 173 lbs.
Blood Type: Unknown
Ultimate Weapon: Doom Sickle
Ultimate Spell: Dark Matter
Age: Precise age Unknown (presumably 30)
Notable Saying: "The Black Winds howl"
Probable Fate: Purifying his tainted soul from damnation and searching for Schala 'till he drops dead.

B. Physical Description:
Magus is a tall, alluring wizard. The room seems to become cooler when he enters. His hair, a blue waterfall that streams down his back, is rich and vibrant and streaked at the base with silver. It frames his circluar visage and sword-tipped ears. All his flesh appears powdery white which adds to his ominous appearance. Duo eyes, fire-and-lilac(magenta), are set deep into his face. His chin proturds in an angle and his nose is sharp. His muscles are obvious; his torso displays battle-hardened skin marred by many scars.

This wizard's attire is somewhat austure. His capes range from a navy blue to a chilling crimson. One ear always sports a crescent earring. A silver pendant, a gift from his sister, never leaves his neck. His clothes are convience-oriented, pouches for storage, hooks for weapons, tight against his body for maximum maneuvaring. His gloves are a dull brown as is his boots. He is consistantly fiddling with his gloves, not out of nevrousness but vigilance. He even once donned a dark violet cloak that retains the ability of almost complete concealment.

C. Mental Description (Personal Attitude):
Magus is an enigma if there ever was one. Analzying him to the depths of his heart and soul is not an easy task. On the outside he's creul and cold and sarcastic. Marble statues exhibit more expression than does this dark prince. Most people are deceived by their first glance at him. They see a heartless murderer.

Is he? Murderer, yes, heartless, no. Once Janus the bratty, he had a massive transformation in values which resulted in a cool outside deamoner. But inside, his heart is ravaged by guilt and despair. He may be fearsome to challenge physically, however, he is emotionally vulnerable. His beliefs have been raped and assaulted so brutally that he is but a shattered man living a lie of his own choosing.

D. Character Techs/Weapons/etc.

Magus' Techniques

Magus' Spells And Techniques

Magus' Single Techs

Name Of Tech

Tech Points Needed To Learn

Where It Can Be Used

MP Cost

What It Does

Lightning 2 None (Magus starts with it) In Battle 8 Attack spell
Ice 2 None (Magus starts with it) In Battle 8 Attack spell
Fire 2 None (Magus starts with it) In Battle 8 Attack spell
Dark Bomb 400 In Battle 8 Attack spell
Magic Wall 350 (after learning Dark Bomb) In Battle 8 Protects one party member against magic spells
Dark Mist 375 (after learning Magic Wall) In Battle 10 Attack spell
Black Hole 850 (after learning Dark Mist) In Battle 15 Attack spell; Immediately kills weaker enemies. Doesn't work against bosses.
Dark Matter 850 (after learning Black Hole) In Battle 20 Attack spell

Magus' Triple Techs

Name Of Tech

Other Characters Involved

Spells Needed To Learn

Where It Can Be Used

MP Cost

What It Does

Rock Equipped?

Dark Eternal Marle & Lucca Dark Matter, Ice 2, Fire 2 In Battle 8 Each Attack spell Black Rock
Omega Flare Lucca & Robo Dark Bomb, Flare, Laser Spin In Battle Magus (8), Lucca(20), Robo(3) Attack spell Blue Rock

Magus' Weapons
Weapon Attack Power Special
Dark Scythe 120
Hurricane 135
Star Scythe 150
Doom Sickle 160 Attack up when ally falls

Obtaining the Character optinum weapon (The Doom Sickle):

After getting Magus you must go on several quests. Go to 600AD and confront Ozzie and his cohorts at his fort. Search in the fifth room of the fort for a secret passage which leads to Magus' best weapon, helmet, and armor.

E. Gallery/Fanart:
Animated Magus
Prophet (Magus)
Prophet again
Schala(Magus' sister)
Battle Magus
Janus(young Magus)
Janus again
Schala again
Magus' Castle
Magus again
Magus is casting some heavy duty spell.
Magus animated...only bigger!
A warrior's warrior
Worship Magus
Magus communing with the black winds
Magus awaits
Isn't he taunting?
He's looking for you...
The black winds howl...
Magus is wounded!
Take your best shot...
...if your prepared for the void!
A wonderful view from north cape
Magus ponders
Beware the reaper
Farewell..for now...
An errie and beautifully conceived image of the Great Magus. This pic belongs to CuteLucca I take no credit for this magnificent picture. Thank you CuteLucca.

F. History/Heritage:
1. Life as Janus
Magus began life as the unruly, loveless child Janus. He lived at the palace of Zeal bereft of other childern. He was an introspective boy, a pariah, with prophetic powers, and seemingly no magic. The black wind tormented him often. Alfador, his ominous violet cat, was one of only two comforts for the prince. The other was Schala, his beautiful older sister who loves him unconditionally. Schala was the person who gave Janus the pendant, a "good luck" charm, to ensure his protection as their mother turned wicked. Their mother, once a loving if inconsiderate woman, became creul and this lead to Janus' disappearance. It happened one day as three strange wanderers showed up shortly after the mysterious oracle. It hit a climax as Schala was forced to summon Lavos, a powerful beast, for their mother. The trio of travellers fought bravely but were no match and were defeated as was the oracle. Janus was sucked into a portal as his sister watched incorrigibly. At that moment...

2. Life as Magus
...Magus was born. After being dumped on Truce Canyon the prince was partially kidnapped, partially lured, by the then leader of the mystics, Ozzie to a dark fortess. Brutally abused through his training as a mystic, his heart turned to ice as he metamorphized into a vampiric being known as Magus. Among his crimes, while seeking a way to eliminate Lavos, his hatred lead to the slaughter of Cyrus and the transformation of Glen into a frog. Magus never dulled in his lust for Lavos' destruction so he devised a scheme to summon the beast to its doom. In his rage he didn't consider the consquences of awakening the monster to the world. Before he could acheive his goal he was attacked by a motley band lead by his nemesis, Glen. As Magus was nearing death, having lost the battle, he and the others were snared into a portal. At that moment...

3. Life as the Prophet
...the Prophet was born. Fate, of ironic motives unknown, threw him to his timeline, the kingdom of Zeal before Lavos ruined all. There he masquraded as an oracle, his knowledge of the future convincing others of his abilities. No one knew he was the prophet. He got on good terms with his mother so he could confront Lavos. He sent away the wanderers believing they would interfere in his plans. That plan was simple--wait until Lavos presented himself and then unleash the hell of his fury. It seemed a sound plan. Unfortunately, history repeated itself and the kingdom was destoried again. He battled valiantly but was no match for Lavos. Schala sent him away for his own protection. At that moment...

4. Life as himself
...he was reborn. After his failure he landed on North Cape, recalling his life or mockery thereof. Just as he thought of Schala the wanderers appeared. After hiding he presented himself and, without quite knowing why, told them his complex story. When things turn ugly he offers to fight but also to join them in their quest which mirrors his own--the ultimate demise of Lavos. Here the story parts in two...either he was killed in the battle with the travellers or he united with them to halt Lavos. If the later is true it is reasonable to infer that he still searchs for his vanished beloved sister.

G. Miscellnous:

1. "The Black Winds howl again."
2. "If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh."
3. "Say, can you hear that? It's the sound of the Reaper..."
4. "Because of my knowledge I was able to convince the queen I was a mighty oracle, but no history book could have prepared me for what happened here."
5. "Gone is the magical kingdom of Zeal, and all the dreams and ambitions of its people."
6. "Idiot! Nothing can live forever!"
7. "He's with fire and you get burned."
8. "I once lived there, but I was a different person then..."
9. "Every night has its day. Even forever must come to an end.... I think."
10. "We were created to be harvested..."
11. "How ironic that, having been drawn into yet another portal, I would end up in this age."
12. "It's over for you... Your life ends here."
13. "I did not create Lavos! I merely summoned him!"
14. "The past is dead. It was all just a dream..."
15. "The weak only strive to be weaker..."
16. "You got whacked cuz' you're weak."
17. "I survived the darkness to defeat you!"
18. "You're wasting your time. Alfador only likes me."
19. "There's a letter. Shall we burn it?"
20. "...Give me your best shot. If you are prepared for the void!"
21. "'s that stupid frog! Kissed any princesses lately?"
22. "Going my way?"
23. "Neuga, ziena, zieber, zom..."
24. "Ah, the masemune...I bet you're just dying to use it."

A song for Magus:
Oh... dearest Magus...
Your flashing eyes... like stars...
And flowing hair... Like waves atop the sea...

No sad sunny day nor any frightful
bright place can get us down
as long as you're near...
There's nothing to fear...

Chorus: Magus, oh Magus
Our Hero, Magus

---Cathedral 600 AD

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Music: (CT Magus Battle midi)