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New Gurley Community & Town History.
Finally!! A new banner-free web site for the Gurley Community.
We will be closing this Angelfire Gurley Web Site.
Due to the need for a faster site, we launched the new Gurley Community & Town History site on Yahoo! GeoCities Webmaster Package.
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Gurley Historical Society

This site was created in August 1997
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An opportunity to be involved interactively worldwide

Since 1997 the Gurley web site is well appreciated by visitors from all over USA (Georgia, North Carolina, New Mexico...) and the world (New Zealand, England, France, Turkey...). Gurley has the history and charm to draw visitors and tourists from miles around. You are welcomed to browse and leave messages to our community and, if you are located in the Gurley area, to promote your services.



Gurley Community & Town History is a family-owned non-profit web site providing information, services, cultural anecdotes to Gurley and surrounding areas. Enabling small businesses, and other non-profit groups to easily harness the benefits of online communities, ecommerce, sponsorship, contributions, communications, and networking. It also provides Internet and WWW service to small and medium sized businesses, non-profit and community organizations and other individuals located in the Gurley area.

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We must foster a spirit of generous consideration among peoples of the world and promote good government, good citizenship and moral welfare.
This site is owned by a family victim of a violent crime that took place in Gurley Alabama and committed by an insane gun owner. This site is now a strong advocate for sensible gun laws and a nonviolent society.
Incivility, is the sign that the individuals need to be under the control of the state.
- Alain Gérard Salma