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The Grumpies Fan Page

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This is Amy. She plays bass, sings and makes the cornbread.

This is Greg, the drummer. You may have seen him in Rice Harvester or Joey Tampon and the Toxic Shocks.

This is Jay. He plays guitar, sings and makes the shirts and patches. You may have seen him in White Trash Superman.

This small part of the web is dedicated to the GRUMPIES!!!! While you're here you might as well check out who the best punk rock band around is, if you don't know who they are!!!! If you do know who the Grumpies are, you're one of the lucky few. Click on the Grumpies sticker to enter the Grumpiest place on the web! If you're wandering through my site and you start to wonder what the Grumpies sound like, buy a tape or I have a couple of people's ideas to describe em. One guy said, "If you've ever wondered what Alvin, Simon, and Theodore (the cartoon chipmunks from the T.V. show "The Chipmunks") would sound like if they ever started a punk rock band, check out the Grumpies." Also, when I played my Grumpies demo tape for my Music Appreciation teacher in class, she said they sounded like "chipmunks on heroin." I thought that was rather funny. Oh yeah, STOP RACISM!!! It's just plain ignorant!!!!

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The Grumpiest Place On The Web!

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The Label Privileged Enough To Put Out Grumpies Music, Recess Records.....Punkest Of The Punk

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This is a ska & punk fanzine made by me, the one and only Brad Spice...GO HERE NOW!

I've been having problems with these damn guestbooks, but I think I have finally found one that'll work. Sign it, view it, and if you think there is something wrong with it, e-mail me what you think is wrong.

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