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This billboard sucks water out of the air and delivers it to families below

"In Peru, it hardly ever rains and most water sources are polluted, but the humid air is full of water vapor. So the University of Engineering and Technology has rigged up a billboard to suck drinking water out of thin air..."

Climatologists Issue Warning Over Siberian Permafrost Thaw

"The permanently-frozen soils of Siberia contain more than a trillion tonnes of carbon dioxide and methane, stored during the last ice age. If a small temperature rise causes the ground to melt, the released greenhouse gases could dramatically accelerate the warming process..."

Conservation Groups Applaud Alaska Reserve Plan | 11 MILLION ACRES of the most important wildlife habitat in the Western Arctic gained protection

"[February 21, 2013] Today, the Department of the Interior issued a Record of Decision that formally adopts a new Integrated Activity Plan for the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (Reserve). Located on Alaska’s North Slope and almost 22 million acres in size, the Reserve is our country’s largest single unit of public land. The final plan appropriately protects five unique Special Areas including Teshekpuk Lake, Utukok Uplands, Kasegaluk Lagoon, Peard Bay and Colville River in the Reserve, which are critical to fish, wildlife, recreation and Alaska Native subsistence. The announcement of the final Integrated Activity Plan wraps up a multiyear planning process, and is the first ever comprehensive plan that has been completed for the entire Reserve..."

Fantastic video footage of the Peruvian rainforest via camera trap

"A collection of camera trap images from a four week study in the Madre de Dios region of Peru, presented by naturalist and explorer Paul Rosolie..."

Explained in 90 Seconds: Permafrost

"The gigantic carbon-rich Arctic landmass has—until recently—locked away its greenhouse gases in a deep thaw for millennia. That is, until man-made climate change has begun to unlock its C02 stores, only then to be devoured by methane-spewing organisms...."

CLIMATE 101 video

Bill Nye narrates this short film on the basics of climate change...

In 37 years the climate will have changed enough to bring humans to extinction

"If you believe in climate change, then presumably you believe what scientists tell us about it. That means you believe the United Nations when they tell us the world will be 5°C hotter (~9°F) than pre-industrial levels by 2050. This temperature increase is more than enough for the oceans to swallow our cities, stop all food from growing, and doom to extinction every species short of the cockroach. For all intents and purposes, climate change is a meteor that lands in 2050…it’s the end of human civilization..."

Biofuel rush is wiping out unique American grasslands

"Say goodbye to the grass. The scramble for biofuels is rapidly killing off unique grasslands and pastures in the central US...."

Last Update: 021202013

Incredible vertical forest in Milan developing...

"Milan is one of the most polluted cities in the world, and the Bosco Verticale project aims to mitigate some of the environmental damage that has been inflicted upon the city by urbanization. The design is made up of two high-density tower blocks with integrated photovoltaic energy systems and trees and vegetation planted on the facade. The plants help capture CO2 and dust in the air, reduce the need to mechanically heat and cool the tower’s apartments, and help mitigate the area’s urban heat island effect – particularly during the summer when temperatures can reach over 100 degrees."

Last Update: 021102013

This world is enough

"For the first time in history we could end poverty while protecting the global environment. But do we have the will?"

Nicholas Stern: ‘I Got It Wrong On Climate Change–It’s Far, Far Worse,’ An ‘Existential’ Threat For Many

"Another day, another climate expert explains the deadly combination of inaction and faster-than-expected impacts..."

Shocking World Bank Climate Report: ‘A 4°C [7°F] World Can, And Must, Be Avoided’ To Avert ‘Devastating’ Impacts

"This report provides a snapshot of recent scientific literature and new analyses of likely impacts and risks that would be associated with a 4° Celsius warming within this century. It is a rigorous attempt to outline a range of risks, focusing on developing countries and especially the poor. A 4°C world would be one of unprecedented heat waves, severe drought, and major floods in many regions, with serious impacts on ecosystems and associated services. But with action, a 4°C world can be avoided and we can likely hold warming below 2°C...."

Message from Mexico: U.S. Is Polluting Water It May Someday Need to Drink

"Mexico City plans to draw drinking water from a mile-deep aquifer, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. The Mexican effort challenges a key tenet of U.S. clean water policy: that water far underground can be intentionally polluted because it will never be used....."

Last Update: 010302013

A delicate swamp forest in Louisiana has been swallowed up by a giant toxic sinkhole linked to fracking operations. The sinkhole has grown to eight acres and prompted hundreds of people to evacuate. (from Bill Moyers' Most Underreported Stories of 2010)

"Geologists and engineers are now facing problems they’ve never had to deal with simultaneously: a sinkhole, plus a widespread leak of both oil and natural gas. No clear roadmap for recovery exists for Bayou Corne, and evacuees still do not know when they will be able to return to their homes..."

World's biggest trees dying 'alarmingly' fast

"'Large old trees will diminish or disappear in many ecosystems,' ecologists warn..."

7 reasons why Arctic sea ice matters

"The vanishing veneer of frozen ocean isn't just important for polar bears...."

Last Update: 121502012

Appalled by plastic debris floating in the Pacific Ocean, eco group petitions feds to designate NW Hawaiian Islands as a Superfund site, 1st time US waters ever nominated. Area includes the Pacific Garbage Patch, a swirling gyre of litter bigger than Texas.

"The petition is the first time that plastic-polluted waters of the United States have been nominated for a Superfund designation.
The area proposed for designation includes that portion in U.S. waters of the Pacific Garbage Patch, a swirling gyre of litter in the north Pacific Ocean larger than the state of Texas...."

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Last Update: 120902012

Today's extinction rate surpasses that of the mass extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs - this is by far the single most important problem facing the survival of life on the planet

"There is little doubt left in the minds of professional biologists that Earth is currently faced with a mounting loss of species that threatens to rival the five great mass extinctions of the geological past...."

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Predator becomes prey: Google-funded drones to hunt poachers in Africa

"Google has awarded a $5 million grant to the World Wildlife Fund to use and adapt new technologies to combat animal poaching around the world....."

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Last Update: 110902012

Scientists unlock nature's hydrogen secrets

"Two Canberra scientists believe they have made a major breakthrough in how to best produce hydrogen which can be used as a clean and renewable energy source..."

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Meghalayas Living Bridge

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Finding Zen in a Patch of Nature

"It is afternoon in a hardwood forest on the edge of the Cumberland Plateau, and the cicadas are singing..."

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Scientists Hope Cloning Will Save Endangered Animals

"Biotechnicians want to use cloning to save endangered species, but they are having only limited success. Critics say that the push toward a new era of wildlife conservation trivializes extinction and funding would be better spent on preserving animal habitats."

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Last Update: 103002012

Scientists say billions required to meet conservation targets - reducing the risk of extinction for threatened species and establishing protected areas for nature will cost the world over $76bn dollars annually

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Iranian Cheetah Project : A Species Under Threat

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Why the Beaver Should Thank the Wolf

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The makers of "The Cove" have 6 days left to raise $8,000 more for their new documentary, "The Heist" which is about endangered species. Can you help them out?

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US Thorium Petition

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The Environmental Impact Of Wasted Food

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Rainfall Amounts Affected By Deforestation

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Herbert Bormann, who has died aged 90, helped to revolutionise the study of ecosystems and was one of the first scientists to warn of the problem of acid rain, he became better known to the American public for urging them to free themselves from the tyranny of the well-manicured lawn. - Telegraph

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Humans failing the sustainability audit
"The fourth Global Environment Outlook: environment for development (GEO-4) assessment is a comprehensive and authoritative UN report on environment, development and human well-being, providing incisive analysis and information for decision making."

The full report is available for download (.pdf, 572 pages) here or may be viewed on the UN website here.

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Orang-utans could be extinct in 20 years

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