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Philip Kindred Dick

Philip Kindred Dick was not only one of the most revolutionary authors of the science fiction genre, he was also a prophetic Gnostic. His works revealed much of his character. His paranoid schizophrenic protagonists often paralelled his own life. Dick has been uoted calling life a "cruel joke" and sayign that we, as humans, must "fight back on their level." The symbology in some of his books is often so multi-faceted that one reading of the book is not sufficient. His impact spread from his spirituality to his motion picture success, inspiring such films as Blade Runner, and Total Recall. He wrote hundreds of short stories and scores of books. Despite his being labeled as in the "non-serious" sci-fi genre (or maybe because of) Dick should be considered one of the most important literary figures of our, the 20th century's authors.

"Never walk over a writer, I said to myself, unless you're positive he can't rise up behind you. If you're going to burn him, make sure he's dead. Because if he's alive, he will talk: talk in written form, on the printed, permanent page."
From Radio Free Albemuth