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Arkona "An Eternal Curse of the Pagan Godz" - Cd (Folter Records)
!!1x left!!
Full-lenght Black Cd featuring the band's two 1994 demotapes. Seminal, definitely worth reprinting ! - Poland
As-Sahar "Ekstasi Tektonis" - Cd (Nebiula Production)
The pioneers of eastern Black Metal, active since 1987, mixing thrashly riffs & traditional roots - Malaysia
Carcariass "Sideral Torment" - Cd (Impacts Records)
Adamantine & technical Death Metal, probably the most inspired solistic guitar in Death - France
Eibon "The Garden of Theophrastus" - Cd (Dark Artz Releases)
Reprinted '95 demotape of this now dead band, cutting, unique! - Malaysia
Firstborn Evil "Rebirth of Evil" - Cd (Guardians of Metal)
Incredible work : Epic meets Black, very capably executed. Not the 1000-times-heard BM shit ! - Portugal
Grond "Winterkrieger" - Cd (Folter Records)
One-man-Black Metal-band, between Gorgoroth and Katatonia. Majestic & incredibly heavy - Germany
In Darkness... "Too Cold Inside" - Cd (Guardians of Metal)
Melodic Death Metal with a CoF-ish style of keyboards, exclusively nightly ! ! ! - Portugal
Maldoror "Ars Magika" - Digipack Cd (Alkaid Records)
Absolute wedding between Swedish Black & keyboard masters as the Goblins. Thelemic concept, astonishing layout ! ! ! - Italy
Miasthenia/Songe d'Enfer "Visions of Nocturnal Tragedies" - Cd (Evil Horde Recs.)
Split Cd of "Southern Pagan Black Metal", both bands are good. Stylish layout with a wolf & a devilish cat... - Brazil
Mornaland/Abominator "Prelude to World Funeral..." - Cd (Path to Enlightenment)
Apocalyptic split of rough and sincere extreme metal. Ragnarok downfall meets nuclear holocaust ! - Sweden/Australia
Murder Rape "...and Evil Returns" - Cd (Evil Horde Recs.)
Slowed, malignant and seminal BM, the hate and spirit of old. Truly. - Brazil
Mystical Fullmoon "Beyond Somber Passages" - Digipack MiniCd (Alkaid Records)
Black Metal for dark journeys & nightly rides, sincerely executed. Nice layout - Italy
Negura Bunget "Zirnindu-sa" - Cd (Breath of Night/Bestial Records.)
The best BM band of Eastern Europe - Romany
Pornocoma "Ambassadors of Embarassment" - Cd (Impaler Records)
Part Black, part punk, with a Canadian flavor and some Rollins thrown in - Canada
Ras Algethi "Oblita Divinitas" - CDr (self-produced)
Elder Doom Metal demotape from 1993, remastered & handnumbered (100 copies). Original cassette sold 1200+ copies - Italy
Rudra "Rudra" - Cd (Candlelight of S'pore)
Melodic Death Metal with Indian folk/Vedic insertions - India
Theatres des Vampires "The Vampire Chronicles" - Digipack Cd (Alkaid Records)
Mercyful Fate meets Ann Rice and seduces Black Metal... Devilish layout, definitive record!!! - Italy

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