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Last update of this page was 9-4-2006

Hi I'm Donovan, I've lived in South Alabama about 8 miles from where the blue green Gulf meets the sugar white shore. I've lived in Alabama all of my life, and I wouldn't live anywhere else, but here in God's country! I enjoy listening to books on tape and listening to God's word. Every once in awhile I write poems. I also have 3 books published, but I have put all 3 in to 1 book. It is called "My Feels of Life." You will see what a disabled person goes through in their every day life. Check my book out and you will be blessed.
My biggest dream came true on May 26, 2001. God does answer prayers, because He answered mine! He will answer yours if you have a believing heart.
Here's a little about me, and some of the things that I can do in my every day life.

here are some things that I do

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